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Reddit Acquires Audience Research Provider Spiketrap to greatly help Evolve its Ad Targeting Tools

Reddits continues to refine its ad targeting and optimization tools, this time around via the acquisition of audience contextualization companySpiketrap, which can only help to boost Reddits graph understanding and relevance matching processes, powering better ad results.


As explained by Reddit:

Reddit houses probably the most passionate and engaged conversations on the net so when we continue steadily to scale our business, we have been constantly searching for ways our partners can utilize the initial power of Reddit and reach relevant and leaned-in audiences. We expect Spiketraps technology can help improve Reddit ad relevance and performance through upleveled targeting, quality scoring, and engagement prediction.

Spiketrap uses AI-powered systems to increase ad placement relevancy, predicated on a broad selection of signals that factor into its process.

For instance, Spiketraps Clair AI system monitors in real-time for trending stories, and maps them against network engagement to raised map information flows.


According to Reddit:

Spiketrap includes a proven background for empowering brands and platforms to raised understand and engage their audiences through AI-powered contextual analysis and tools. Bringing the team and technology into Reddit will enhance our interest and contextual targeting capability, improve ad quality scoring, and boost prediction models for powering auto-bidding, with the purpose of ultimately driving higher profits on return and improved solutions for the advertisers.

The acquisition is Reddits latest integration made to improve its ad systems, with the platform also buying machine learning platform Spell back June and natural language processing company MeaningCloud in July.

In combination, these tools can help Reddit improve its understanding and targeting tools, that may facilitate more targeted ad campaigns, predicated on real-time engagement and activity.

Sufficient reason for over 100,000 active and engaged Reddit communities, centered on an array of topics, that may be very useful in detecting the most recent discussions of relevance for the brand and products.

Itll be interesting to observe how Reddits overall ad system evolves within the next few months, since it works to merge its acquisitions right into a more focused process.

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