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Reddit Announces New Developer Platform to Facilitate Additional Tools and Functions

Reddits seeking to facilitate expanded functionalities and research tools, with the launch of a fresh Reddit Developer Platform, that will provide access and resources that may enable outside developers to create and iterate on Reddits existing operations.

As explained by Reddit:

While we is hard at the job creating and bettering our very own tools, we realize that we now have developers who might just desire to create their very own tools, like u/tweet_poster which detects Twitter links and comments with the contents of the tweet, or u/RemindMeBotwhich sends a primary message to remind you in regards to a particular event. Moderators, specifically, are suffering from numerous tools and bots to lighten their load and help subreddits work better. Thats why today we have been checking a waitlist for the developer platform – a suite of developer tools and resources which will enable and empower developers whose contributions will support an incredible number of users and over 100,000 active communities on Reddit.

The Reddit Developer platform provides access to a variety of data tools and options, that may enable non-Reddit employees to create new functionalities on the trunk of Reddits platform.

Which could result in new systems for researching Reddit discussion, which may be a valuable way to obtain market analysis and insight, although it could also enable new choices for Reddit ads, and placements via third-party management tools.

The Reddit Developer Platform will serve being an avenue for third-party developers to create meaningful Reddit extensions our users will like.

Theres obviously nothing built up to now, because the platform hasnt been released. Nonetheless it could start a variety of new possibilities for Reddit research and campaigns sufficient reason for 50 million daily active users, engaging on just about any subject it is possible to think about (over 100k active subreddits), there may be some highly valuable use cases for Reddit add-on functionalities and tools, that could assist in your process.

Reddit says the brand new developer platform will undoubtedly be distributed around initial testers soon.

If youre thinking about being section of the Reddit Developer Platform, it is possible to join the waitlist here.

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