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Reddit Avatar NFTs Raise Eyebrows because they Rocket to $5K

Non-fungible token (NFT) avatars from social networking Reddit have sold for $5,000 (4 ETH), potentially signaling a rising demand for the digital assets.

The Senses collection has up to now shown to be probably the most lucrative among Reddits Collectible Avatar NFTs, based on the recent sale of a set of them. Avatars NFTs The Hands #16 and The Hands #46 each sold for 4 ETH, or roughly $5,000.

The series, developed by Reddit user Rojom as part of the Collectible Avatars Creator Program, currently includes a floor price of 0.93 ETH.

That is wild

One person in the Reddit community responded enthusiastically to the news headlines of the sale. The hands just sold for 4eth, like wtf lol, said user Imalittlestitious86. That is wild. Remarking on the significant profits on return, an individual considered whether these sales might rise to six figures.

Imalittlestitious86 also observed that another collection, the Foustlings, seemed primed to go up as well as perhaps sell for similarly high amounts. The ground has really raised this week with classic Foustlings selling for 400 bucks, an individual said, who also took an instant to acknowledge the importance of Reddits NFTs.

Absolutely insane to believe that before these, this sub[-Reddit] hated digital assets with a passion, Imalittlestitious86 said. Reddit out here changing hearts and minds with those digital doodles.

Reddit NFTs

A longtime crypto-friendly environment, having accepted cryptocurrency for in-app purchases since 2013, Reddit also offers user avatars as NFTs.

As the social networking collaborated withmany independent artists to generate over 90 designs, the full total amount of NFTs available number up to thousands. Those that purchase them receive licensing rights, enabling them to utilize the avatar off the platform aswell.

Reddit offers various kinds NFTs, including those created by independent creators, along with CryptoSnoos, its signature assortment of NFTs featuring its mascot Snoo. Using its latest offering, Reddit has been offering free NFTs, distributed via batches of airdrops.

Regardless of the criteria being unknown for receiving one, Redditors who’ve garnered higher stature on the platform are widely assumed to function as recipients.


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