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Remember Salt Bae? He Now Has 22 Very (Very) Lucrative Restaurants

Swarms of customers were equally divided. A Google reviewer called the London outpost the worst high cost steak house in the town, while a person in NY said the cheeseburgers were ridiculous tender and the fries were seasoned perfectly.

For most lured in by the meme, Salt Baes menu is irrelevant. In the event that you go in here ready for an extremely stupid time with a man that got well-known for dropping salt on his forearm and do not mind overpaying for a steak dinner, you should have a satisfying time, one Yelp reviewer wrote, giving the Midtown location four stars. For others, the performance was disappointing. While you’re watching the meme play out in true to life, Eater‘s Robert Sietsema found the reenactment just a little stale.

Everythings expensive (especially the gold-covered tomahawk steak for $1,160)

Even critics who routinely eat at expensive restaurants couldnt stomach the expenses of a particular date with Salt Bae. The Ottoman steak is substantial, and $130 isn’t an unparalleled price for a rib-eye in NY, Wells wrote in the NY Times. However the spaghetti steak and the lokum were each $70 for what Id guess was about eight ounces of beef. Steve Cuozzos NY Post review went harder. Nusr-Et was Public Rip-off No. 1, he wrote in 2018. An up-and-mostly down meal for three, where all of us had just one single cocktail and something glass of bad wine for $521.45.

A recently available 37,023 ($50,888) bill from the table of four at the almost one-year-old Nusr-Et Steakhouse London sparked outrage after among the diners posted the itemized receipt on Reddit. The charges included Salt Baes famous 24-carat gold-wrapped tomahawk steak costing 850 ($1,160), three orders of seasoned fries for 30 ($41), and 16 wedges of baklava for 400 ($549). A couple weeks following the restaurant opened, another guest Tweeted an image of his receipt, which totalled 1,812 ($2,091). 44 great british pounds for 4 redbulls havin fun, he wrote.

Gkes meat empire has allegedly been rife with labor problems, like sex discrimination and wage theft

In 2019, a former server filed a class-action lawsuit claiming that Gke was skimming tips from Manhattans Midtown location before distributing them to employees. The case was settled for $300,000. That same year, a server at Nusr-Ets Miami location alleged she had to work lower paying jobs and shifts due to her sex. His Boston location was temporarily shuttered in late 2020 by the town for not following Covid protocols. In 2021, five employees that had immigrated from Turkey to work in america alleged that Gke was stiffing them on overtime, case that has been eventually dismissed. And employment posting offering $16 to are a chef de partie at Gkes London steakhouse came under fire this yeara bad look from the guy whose gold leaf and prime beef budgets appear bottomless.

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