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Report: Former ABC President, J6 Show Trial Adviser at Liz Cheney’s Concession Speech

Former ABC News President James Goldston, an adviser to the January 6 Select Committee, was present for Liz Cheneys concession, CNN reports.

Cheney, the committees vice chair, has worked closely with Goldstons team, CNN reported. She spent a lot of time with the team editing footage for the show trial, which includes often aired during primetime slots.

The Cheney speech tonight will undoubtedly be delivered in a picturesque spot outside Jackson. Veteran TV producer James Goldston, an adviser to the Jan. 6 committee, and a film crew are readily available within Wyomingas “a pal” of Cheney. From our CNN blog:

Jeff Zeleny (@jeffzeleny) August 17, 2022

Though not there on official January 6 Committee business, the tv screen producer was in attendance on assignment for their own production company for potential future projects involving Cheney, CNNs Jeff Zeleny wrote. He was reportedly along with a film crew.

She invited him as a pal and contains nothing in connection with committee work, said Jeremy Adler, a spokesman for the congresswoman.

As Breitbart Newss Washington Bureau Chief Matthew Boyle noted:

bringing this James Goldston character to Wyoming to witness the voters remove her from power and using him in a campaign role nonetheless, even though they claim it really is as a volunteer, as a pal raises potential Federal Election Commission (FEC) ethics concerns regarding possible in-kind campaign contributions. Additionally it is puts a wrap on the relevance of anything the January 6 Committee did all year, bringing it to your final ending (despite the fact that Cheney among others insist they plan more hearings in the fall to waste our time!).

The Wyoming representative was smoked by Harriet Hageman because the Associated Press called the race at 8: 21 p.m. MDT immediately after Decision Desk HQ and Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report declared her demise.

I’ve seen enough: Harriet Hageman (R) defeats Rep. Liz Cheney (R) in the #WYAL GOP primary.

Dave Wasserman (@Redistrict) August 17, 2022

The theory that Cheney is actually a serious element in a 2024 GOP primary or would siphon votes from Trump being an independent remains as preposterous because the idea this #WYAL primary will be competitive.

Dave Wasserman (@Redistrict) August 17, 2022

By 8: 57 p.m. MDT, the Associated Press election results compiled by the NY Times show Hageman with 53,644 votes,a lot more than doubling the outgoing representatives 26,709 votes.

In her concession speech, Cheney appeared to compare herself to Republican President Abraham Lincoln and apparently hinted at a presidential run.

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