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Report: GTA 6 INCLUDES A Female, Latina Protagonist, HALF Of A Bonnie And Clyde Duo

GTA Vice City


A fresh Jason Schreier report has gone out on Bloomberg and for once, it looks a little bit of good news, instead of detailing horrific working conditions at one developer or another.

The majority of the story is approximately major changes that Rockstar has tried to create using its games, company and culture to become less of a frat house than it had been accused to be previously. Changes include shelving potentially offensive content (a cop-focused GTA Online mode in the wake of George Floyds death), not punching down just as much (an effort in order to avoid jokes about marginalized groups) and less crunch and better benefits for employees (GTA 6 is likely to add more content post-release so mega-crunch doesnt have to happen for initial release, hopefully).

Addititionally there is some significant news about GTA 6 itself, because the report here says that certain of the games two protagonists is a Latina woman, half of a duo modeled after famed bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde with two playable leads. This might function as series first playable female protagonist beyond create-a-characters like GTA Online.

GTA Online


Also in the report is information regarding the way the scope of the overall game has been reduced. Originally the theory was to possess sprawling zones modeled after chunks of North and SOUTH USA, but which has since been slimmed right down to a go back to Miami/Vice City instead. Reportedly, small scope will result in more substantive content later, new cities and missions, though even the existing version includes a many more interior spaces than past games, so its still probably bigger overall. Its unclear whether these new additions would feature single player story content or be GTA 6 Online things, considering that GTA 5 never really had any significant single player story content added once GTA Online became its golden goose.

From the sound of it, after cleaning house of some controversial figures from the studio, there look like real, meaningful changes which have been made at Rockstar, that have reshaped not only the studio, but at the very least a few of the plans for GTA 6 itself. I could already see some obnoxious debates about GTA 6 going woke if it loses a few of its attitude with one of these changes, but well save that theoretical controversy for a later date. While Im sure things arent perfect, these appear to be significant, positive changes being made at the business since GTA 5 premiered, that is great to see.

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