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Republican women aren’t voting based on the Leftist agenda and just why do they have even a voice, really?

There is absolutely no consideration for Republican ladies in the endless Leftist campaign to power women and lift their voices up. It is extremely difficult for the normal identity politics embracing progressive to fathom there are people in another of their key targeted groups who’ll not fall in line and vote Democrat.

Women deserve to possess our priorities taken seriously by lawmakers. In November, we will demand it.

We have been voting to use it. For hope. For justice. So when women vote, we win.

Put leaders on observe that #WomenAreVoting. Sign the pledge at

League of Women Voters of the united states (@LWV) August 31, 2022

The League of Women voters sounds nearly the same as a club for women who vote. The assumption, however, is that women were placed on this earth to advance the progressive agenda. Women are voting, and many of them arent aligning their votes to the exclusive, & somewhat screechy, band of Leftist females. The Left is apparently mystified by the idea of women not voting based on the latest progressive narratives. Another kind of women voters are either quietly ignored, or openly questioned for his or her failure to conform.

Yeah well up to now women voting for “hope” appears to have trended towards women losing their sports, bathrooms and also the term ‘woman’ but set off sister

Working Class Scum (@WC_Scum) September 6, 2022

Women voting based on the policies and ideals that a lot of closely reflect their very own beliefs and values is merely baffling to the people who require a political party to inform them how exactly to vote.

Can someone explain why any woman would vote Republican at this time?

John Collins (@Logically_JC) September 6, 2022

Men questioning the votes of women is perfectly acceptable so long as the proper women are increasingly being asked. Women who dont vote Republican may also be fine with it.

A lot of Republican voting women, that Personally, i know, say they vote this way because their husband’s do. Sad.

Sandy Rasor (@SandyRasor) September 6, 2022

The reason why Republican women I understand vote in this manner is basically because they believe they need to be submissive with their husbands. If their husbands inform them how exactly to vote, they need to listen or theyre disobeying God. They believe they’re sinning should they have views unlike their spouses.

Lily (@LilyinIndiana) September 6, 2022

Women who wrong-vote cannot possibly be acting alone. So much for the theory that women are collectively wise, powerful and capable. Never mind the voices of women who clearly and strongly articulate their positions and preferences.

1. Because we value the sanctity of life

2. Because we value children not being sexualized by their teachers

3. Because we wish ALL children to possess usage of good schools not STUCK in failing public schools

to mention several.

Jorden Collins (@JordenCollins) September 6, 2022

Speaking as a conservative female:

Faith, family, freedom

The democrats haven’t any agenda item which fits those values

their religion is environmentalism

they will have no respect for families and family values

they absolutely reject the thought of personal freedom

any questions?

1776 Independent (@1776Independent) September 6, 2022

Lets see. My retirement money is disappearing. Crime is up. Inflation reaches an in history high. We have been a laughing stock on the planet stage. MUST I continue?

Laura Kronen (@LauraKronen) September 6, 2022

What even are Democrat voters thinking at this time, can we get yourself a mansplanation that Democrat women will understand? Discounting the voices of women really doesnt seem very progressive at all, in addition to that whole agenda-serving hypocrisy that often appears when desperation strikes.

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