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Republicans learn the lesson of Kansas: Indiana takes repulsive abortion debate nowadays

The voters of Kansas just rejected a Republican effort to ban abortion on Tuesday but it doesn’t appear to have deterred Republicans elsewhere in your community. Instead, both misogynistic and the anti-democratic views of the present day Republican Party were on full display in Indiana on Thursday because the state’s GOP-led legislature debated over how hard they intend to ban abortion in the wake of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

Indiana has been on the national radar recently following a story in regards to a 10-year-old pregnant rape victim from Ohio became the biggest market of the country’s debate over abortion bans. Because of Ohio’s draconian abortion ban, the lady was forced to go to Indiana in order to avoid having to birth a rapist’s baby.The complete story was horrifying alone, but Republicans swiftly made the problem worse by spinning like tops in order to avoid admitting these forms of stories will be the natural consequence of their preferred policies. First, the GOP noise machine denied that the story was real and accused the ob-gyn who performed the abortion to be a liar. Once the alleged rapist was charged that is still very rare in rape cases Republicans pivoted. They played word games to confuse the problemand started a harassment campaign contrary to the doctor, clearly for the intended purpose of intimidating other folks with similar stories into shutting up.

The complete debacle was a potent reminder to the American public of the deep misogyny and hate that fuels the anti-choice movement. It likely contributed to the high pro-choice turnout this week in Kansas, in which a staggering amount of people arrived for what would usually be considered a sleepy election to be able to vote down a pathway to an abortion ban.But, because the debate in Indiana demonstrated, the lesson Republicans are walking away with isn’t to cool off from being the party of forced childbirth on 4th graders. Instead, they’ve figured they need to keep voters from getting back in just how of plans to mutilate, torture and kill ladies in the name of right-wing Christianity.

The final thing Republicans want is for the voters to choose because they understand that the voters will vote for abortion rights.

A lot of Thursday’s debate over Indiana’s proposed abortion ban was over whether to eliminate language exempting rape and incest victims from forced childbirth. Nearly all Republicans opposed the rape exception and were exasperated when confronted with reminders that is pure sadism. The aptly named Rep. Karen Engleman introduced the amendment to eliminate the rape exception so when she was reminded which means forced childbirth on small kids she let loose a loud “I’m the true victim here” sigh.

IN state Rep. Engleman (R) introduces an amendment to remove rape and incest exceptions in the brand new anti-abortion bill. Rep. Fleming (D) asks if that could prevent a 5th grader (10-year-old) rape victim from getting abortion care.

Engelman sighs: “It… It can.”

Heartland Signal (@HeartlandSignal) August 4, 2022

She then tried to pretend that forcing childbirth on a 5th grader does the kid a favor, saying, “I believe it’s bad for put a in the positioning of being the brand new Jane Roe.” That is nonsensical, needless to say, because Jane Roe sued for the proper to obtain an abortion, something no minor would need to do if abortion remained legal.

“You cannot treat rape, among the worst items that can occur to someone, you cannot treat that with abortion,” Rep.Tim Wesco argued. It creates just as much senseas arguing that when an arm has already been broken, there is no point in investing in a splint. But this argument resonates with misogynists, who still suppose rape “ruins” a female, therefore any efforts to greatly help a victim heal and recover certainly are a waste.

We also got a reminder that, for anti-choicers, killing women is really a feature, not just a bug, of abortion bans.

IN state Rep. Davisson (R) argues for requiring forced birth of non-viable fetuses.

Asked what he’d tell children of a mother going right through pregnancy leading to stillbirth: “[None] folks are guaranteed tomorrow. We should accept death because of life.”

Heartland Signal (@HeartlandSignal) August 4, 2022

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As I’ve discussed before, this attitude isn’t surprising to whoever has engaged with anti-abortion propaganda, that is rife with glowing stories about how exactly wonderful it really is when women are killed or maimed by childbirth. The romanticization of female death and pain is portion of the larger right-wing Christian view of womanhood. Baked to their ideology is that women are placed on the planet to suffer and sacrifice. Women exist and then serve the desires of others. Women shouldn’t have wants and needs beyond self-sacrifice, which explains why anti-choicers have a tendency to insist that women ought to be glad to die in childbirth or pleased to give birth to a rapist’s child.

Alito’s contempt for women’s to vote bristles beneath the surface of his writing but Indiana Republicans are once more proving it.

Needless to say, they are views rejected by strong most Americans, as evidenced by the abortion ban being defeated even yet in ruby red Kansas. Indiana Republicans clearly understand why, which explains why they soundly rejected a bill amendment putting the proposed abortion ban on the ballot in November. As a reminder, Republicans have routinely used “allow voters decide” as a justification for the overturn of Roe v. Wade. In your choice for Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, Justice Samuel Alito hammered as of this “leave it to the voters” excuse by writing, “Women aren’t without electoral or political power” and “In a few States, voters may think that the abortion right ought to be a lot more extensive compared to the right that Roe and Casey recognized.”

That argument was pure bad faith right from the start Alito’s contempt for women’s to vote bristles beneath the surface of his writing but Indiana Republicans are once more proving it.

The final thing Republicans want is for the voters to choose because they understand that the voters will vote for abortion rights. Much like Donald Trump and his Big Lie, they’re limited to “democracy” if it keeps individuals who disagree using them from participating.WHEN I note in Friday’s Standing Room Only newsletter, the fight for democracy and the fight for abortion rights are one and exactly the same. Abortion bans are based on an assumption that over 1 / 2 of Americans aren’t full citizens, an inherently anti-democratic belief. Enacting abortion bans means keeping the voters as a long way away from weighing in as you possibly can. That is why Republicans have embraced Trump’s war on democracy. They know they can not escape with policies like banning abortion should they have to response to voters, so that they are doing everything they are able to in order to avoid letting the voters have their way again.

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