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Researchers deliver plastic-free takeaway

Takeaway food, though usually tasty, has its drawbacks: contents can leak, cool off, and various parts could find yourself scrunched together. Then theres question faced by consumers of how exactly to get rid of the used package wash it, recycle it, or throw it away with household waste.

Researchers at the meals Instituteof Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) in Lithuania therefore set to the duty to generate solutions that could get rid of the shortcomings of ordinary takeaway packaging.

They first made a decision to develop a package where food, prepared in a slow, nutrient-saving way, could possibly be easily heated in the home, without a have to transfer it from the package. Because of this, cardboard may be the the most suitable material.

Food in cardboard boxes could be heated in the oven

Cardboard could be recycled around 6 times and following a certain processing method is applied, you’ll be able to compose a cardboard package that may withstand heating in the oven.

This kind of cardboard is covered with a particular non-flammable material, which occupies significantly less than 10% of the weight. Moreover, the designed packages have specially adapted inserts tabs which enable you to easily adjust the box size and separate the required the different parts of food.

The boxes designed through the workshop can be found in three sizes, enabling less expensive and sustainable usage of resources and making the packaging adaptable for different meals. To preserve the aesthetic appearance of the meals during transportation, a particular sleeve has been created it holds the boxes set up, preventing them from rolling and active. The sleeve weighs significantly less than a normal paper bag.

Per consumer request, clear instructions are printed on the packages that have here is how they need to be recycled, just how long and at what temperature they may be heated.

Gleam special supportive frame that prevents the lid from buckling and ruining the beautiful view of a restaurants masterpiece in the end, we also eat with this eyes, said KTU researcher Zabulion.

This innovation benefits not merely the consumer but additionally the restaurant, the researchers claimed. The cardboard is ‘perfectly suited’ for numerous kinds of printing the restaurant logo or other important info could be displayed on the boxes.

Furthermore, the packages have already been designed so that when they’re empty, they easily match one another and save space for storage. After utilizing the package, it could be sent for recycling or composted.

The project was organised by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology Food community (EIT FOOD).Soon these boxes, developed by Lithuanian consumers and businesses, will undoubtedly be among the package options when ordering food in the home, stated Zabulion.

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