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Researchers propose novel solution to enhance electrocatalytic conversion of skin tightening and

The electrochemical conversion of CO2 into carbon-based fuels and valuable feedstocks by can be an attractive technique for carbon neutrality. CO may be the key element of syngas, an assortment of CO and H2 which can be directly changed into various value-added chemicals via well-developed industrial processes. Therefore, CO2 electroreduction to CO is among the most promising routes to acquire cost-competitive products.

However, because of the low solubility and diffusion coefficient of CO2 in aqueous electrolytes, it remains challenging to obtain large , high faradaic efficiency and excellent stability for practical applications of CO2 utilization.

In this study, based on the highly efficient electroreduction CO2 to CO over silver hollow fiber , the study team further introduced in to the electrode solution. By way of specific adsorption of chloride ions, the electronic structure of the electrode surface was functionally regulated to inhibit the medial side result of hydrogen evolution.

The low-coordination chloride ion adsorption on a silver hollow fiber electrode reduced CO2 to CO at a well balanced (>150 h) ampere-level current density (1 Acm-2) sufficient reason for a higher CO faradaic efficiency (>92%).

Electrochemical experiments demonstrated that the high concentration Cl- in the electrolyte could possibly be low-coordination adsorbed onto the top of silver hollow fibers. This not merely hinders the occurrence of the hydrogen evolution reaction, but additionally optimizes the kinetics of CO2 reduction to CO, resulting in an improved eCO2RR performance, even at the ampere-level current density.

This work offers a new technique for further developing electrocatalytic CO2 systems with high current density, high selectivity and high stability in CO2 utilization and chlor-alkali industry.

More info: Shoujie Li et al, Chloride Ion Adsorption Enables AmpereLevel CO2 Electroreduction over Silver Hollow Fiber, Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2022). DOI: 10.1002/anie.202210432

Citation: Researchers propose novel solution to enhance electrocatalytic conversion of skin tightening and (2022, September 9) retrieved 9 September 2022 from

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