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Reset Connect Showcases Net Zero Business Solutions at London Climate Action Week

A lot more than 100 exhibitors took part in the Reset Connect London two-day event (28-29 June) within London Climate Action Week.

Every area of sustainability were covered, from the showcasing of energy innovation and green transport answers to investors and sustainable business accelerators, all with exactly the same goal of encouraging networking, engagement and collaboration to effect change and lower the global climate impact.

Reset Connect may be the UKs largest sustainability ecosystem and green investment event which aims to greatly help businesses learn how to make an effort to meet net zero targets and improve ESG results, in addition to unearth any potential green investment opportunities.

Approximately 4-5trillion is required to meet up with the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, based on the UN, having an annual investment of 40bn necessary for existing infrastructure in the united kingdom alone on the next decade if the web zero target is usually to be successful.

Consequently, both public and private sectors have to scale up money to handle climate change solutions, hence the gathering of sustainability change-makers and innovative solution providers to collaborate and share options for making best practice a tangible reality in effecting change.

Attendees are from the wealth of backgrounds, from policy makers and government leaders to large corporations and technology providers, all with exactly the same goal. Also to make their climate goals possible, the function enabled them to discover sustainable, low-carbon solutions and providers and explore opportunities for funding through institutional & impact investors, private equity & capital raising, and the financial adviser community.

Those attending Reset Connect include Ecologi which simplifies climate action with a platform for businesses and people to collectively reverse climate change through funding a few of the worlds best climate solutions.

Up to now a lot more than 33,986 users have collectively funded the planting of 42 million trees and reduced carbon emissions by 1.8 million tonnes through Ecologis supported reforestation and verified carbon reduction projects.

Carbon Trust also attended Reset Hook up to showcase its services. The organisation comprises 300 experts offering a reliable guide to becoming net zero and answers to the climate crisis. It has pioneered decarbonisation for a lot more than 2 decades for global businesses, governments and organisations and Carbon Trust supports a lot more than 3,000 organisations, spanning 50 countries, making use of their climate action planning and helps set science-based targets.

Event speakers included Tanya Steele (CEO of WWF UK), Cliff Prior (CEO of The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment), Professor Paul Minks (BEIS Chief Scientific Adviser) and Nina Seega (Research Director for Sustainable Finance, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership).

Acres Rufus Bullough, Head of Sustainable Technology Recruitment – UK and Georgina Sell, Principal Consultant Sustainable and Impact Investing, also attended the function.

Rufus Bullough said: “Feeling very humbled to possess attended Reset Connect within London Climate Action Week. The power was unmissable, especially after 2 yrs of not having the ability to gather together.

Many thanks to everyone who took part. Bridging the gap between sustainability change-makers, business leaders, government and funding is not any small feat, so its encouraging to start to see the commitment to rendering it happen.

I’m proud that Acre is section of this incredible and inspiring community and appearance forward to another in-person event to obtain things shifting.”

Rufus is really a specialist Executive Search consultant, supporting the Sustainability, Corporate Affairs and Communications functions since 2007. He works together with Boards and Executive Committees to recognize, evaluate and secure the present day mixture of skillsets required where performance, purpose and reputation meet.

About Acre

At Acre, we use probably the most aspirational businesses with potential to create real change; from those people who are just getting started to those who find themselves well on the journey to crafting a legacy.

Our 18 years’ experience in sustainability recruitment, coupled with our extensive global network, enables us to supply talent solutions that can deliver this change.

Through our unique behavioural assessment technology, we understand the forms of people, skills and behaviours necessary to create impact. We are able to develop these qualities inside your existing teams too.

We find talented people and develop their skills to make sure they create a true impact in ambitious, progressive organisations.

Acre. Making companies ready for tomorrow.

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