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Rev. Al Sharpton only eats one meal each day and its own kale

August 16, 2022 | 7: 48pm

Not Sylvias famous soul food will get the Rev. Al Sharpton to break his strict one meal each day diet of kale salad with boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers.

The reverend was spotted at the iconic Harlem eatery last weekend, and he told us he brought their own kale salad, cuz I understand they dont have kale there, he said.

Sharpton told us he started eating one meal each day about four years back.

I eat around noon each day, and thats it. I’ve the salad and during the night, I might have one slice of whole wheat grains toast because my doctor said I must have some sort of protein, he said.

Sharpton was at Sylvias celebrating along with his daughter Dominique, who was simply recently eliminated from the celebrity reality show, Claim to Fame, where contestants guess over celebrity connections or offspring.

Dominique Sharpton, Al Sharpton and Ashley Sharpton.
Sharpton, pictured here along with his daughter Dominique (left) and Ashley (right), recently celebrated Dominiques operate on reality show Claim to Fame.
[Watching her on TV] was surreal that they had no idea who she was, he gushed. I never wanted my kids to be just Al Sharptons daughter. I needed her to be on her behalf own, and shes doing that, he said.

Sharpton and Dominique were overall a rally in Harlem for his National Action Network organization, when Rev. Jessie Jackson surprised them and suggested, we take Dominique out, Sharpton said.

Sharpton pictured with Civil Rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson.
Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson celebrated with Sharptons daughters at Sylvias.
Bennett Raglin

Then called the restaurant and asked if he could bring his kale salad. Sharpton quipped, they broke soul food etiquette, by letting him in with the dish.

But, we went to Sylvias, plus they ordered all of the soul food they wanted and I ate my kale salad, he said.

Al Sharpton in 1993
Sharpton in 1993. He said he weighed 305 pounds at his heaviest. He could be now right down to 132 pounds.
Ron Galella Collection via Getty

Training and eating kale has helped Sharpton stay lean.

Within my height maybe 15 years back I weighed 305 pounds. Today, Im 132 pounds. I simply composed my mind, and I simply achieved it. Cold turkey, he said.

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