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Rihanna Debuted New Curtain Bangs on a Girls’ PARTICULAR DATE

If you are still wondering whether it’s time and energy to get bangs, just know you would be in the very best company.

Rihanna recently stepped out for a girls’ night out with friends wearing a bright blue jersey as a dress, a red sequined purse, and a lot of layered gold jewelry. In photos and video from the evening, shared by Melissa Forde on Instagram Stories, the singer looked fierce as ever with a scarlet lip and completely new, windswept curtain bangs. Name an improved beauty combo. I’ll wait.

This marks among Rihanna’s first social outings without A$AP Rocky since welcoming their first child in-may. “Theyre keeping things low-key to allow them to enjoy their little family, a source told Entertainment Tonight in August, regarding their new method of fame and the reason why they will have yet to talk about their son’s names with fans. Privacy is becoming increasingly vital that you the couple. When it had been just each of them, theyd venture out all hours of your day and night, and connect to fans. Now, with the infant, theyre a bit more protective.


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