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Ripples of Bitcoin adoption at Biarritzs Surfin Bitcoin Conference in France

A sublime sunset enveloped Biarritz Casino on Aug. 27, bringing Frances largest Bitcoin (BTC) conference to a detailed. Situated in southwest France and organized by French Bitcoin exchange Stackin Sat, Surfin Bitcoin assembled a bunch of Bitcoin OGs, newbies no coiners, those yet to get or earn crypto, in a setting that could rival any Hollywood film set.

Bitcoiners networked in the hope of learning more concerning the Lightning Network, landing jobs at one of the numerous French Bitcoin companies present from Galoy Money to Dcouvre Bitcoin or just rubbing shoulders with fellow Bitcoin believers. In some bear market irony, because the Bitcoin chips are way down, the function venue occurred at the illustrious Biarritz Casino.

From Bitcoin core maintainers to European royalty to naturally CEOs from the biggest French crypto companies, the vibe was distinctly French, albeit with a fizzy international influence.

Cointelegraph and Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier (right) while watching Biarritz Casino and Biarritz Grande Plage.

Bitcoin maximalism was on full display. Panelists and moderators had carte blanche to slamdunk on shitcoiners as hotly anticipated debates compared crypto venture capitalists to gamblers and boasted the merits and queried the limitations of Bitcoins layer-2 Lightning Network. Representatives from Aave and different crypto decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) expressed their admiration for Bitcoin but held true with their vision of a multi-coin future.

While there have been several official commercial announcements through the event, speakers spontaneously found certain revelations. Throughout a panel on mining, Pierre Rochard of Riot Mining announced his intention to rename mining to timestamping in order to avoid confusion concerning the act of retrieving scarce resources from the physical space. Timestamping would make education easier, he explained, and its own also Satoshi Nakamotos method of explaining mining in the white paper.

Similarly, on the Lightning Network panel, Blockstreams Christian Decker, also called Dr. Bitcoin, described the Lightning Network being an ant network. Essentially, he explained, the LN behaves as an ant colony. Similar to several ants, the LN seeks out productive regions of activity and congregates in spaces where efficient routes or channel hops can link together.

This is a first for me personally, a #LittleHODLer gallery section at @SurfinBitcoin I also had the chance to make a drawing for the conference that has been auctioned off for charity. Many thanks for everything @Jhersco @Joss_do_it_BTC and team

Lina Seiche (@LinaSeiche) August 29, 2022

On the list of workshops and Q&A sessions, European Bitcoin artists such as for example Lina Seiche, the creator of the tiny Hodler, displayed their pieces. Konsensus, a Bitcoin book publisher, sold French translations of popular Bitcoin books for two Satoshis the tiniest denomination of a Bitcoin in the primary hall. The most common Bitcoin t-shirts and merchandise may be purchased for sats. But, to numerous Bitcoiners chagrin, coffees, beers and refreshments were covered with fiat money.

Joe Hall (@JoeNakamoto) August 27, 2022

Daniel Prince, co-host to the United Kingdoms second biggest Bitcoin podcast, Once Bitten, told Cointelegraph that Bitcoin adoption at the conference and surrounding area was poor:

The casino guys aren’t orange-pilled, theyre only accepting cash or card as payment. Despite the fact that, I simply asked I wanna pay you guys in Bitcoin, but no, theyre not setup.

Nonetheless, as the waves crashed round the Bitcoin bubble on Biarritzs La Grande Plage, the waves of Bitcoin adoption were meager in comparison. From interviews snatched with street vendors, merchants, churros sellers and also surfers, Cointelegraph reporters learned that the region was no coiner territory. Nobody in the encompassing area had transacted with Bitcoin; nobody could accurately describe the cryptocurrency as well as recognize the Bitcoin B on a t-shirt or conference logo.

There is one exception. The 19-year-old driver of Biarritzs sightseeing tour train, Le Petit Train, had a crypto story to talk about. The train conductor reportedly bought Bitcoin when he was 14 once the price was around $500 but sadly, he previously lost usage of his seed phrase to the two 2.36 BTC. He joked thats why he was working as a train driver on the summer.

The Stackin Sats team hit a dead-end for Bitcoin payments once the mayor of the Biarritz region reportedly halted the conference hall bars from accepting Bitcoin. Therefore, Bitcoiners were obliged to hodl their coins and spend their euros instead. That didnt discourage most of the Bitcoiners including Prince from orange-pilling local merchants such as for example taxi drivers and surf instructors. In the end, Bitcoin is really a grassroots, community-driven movement.

Tonnellier interviewed by Cointelegraph on the terrace.

Josselin Tonnellier, a co-founder of the conference, told Cointelegraph that the French crypto scene is dominated by blockchain companies, not Bitcoin advocates. Within an exclusive interview, he lamented that the French neglect to discern Bitcoin and blockchain. There there exists a many more education to be achieved, he said, as pro blockchain narratives hinder adoption in his home country.

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So that they can encourage no coiners, the initial day of the conference was free entry. The open day, called Surfin Day, enticed locals to dip their toes in the balmy Bitcoin waters. There is a Satoshi-inspired treasure hunt, a surf competition to win Sats and a screening of the favorite French Bitcoin documentary, Le Mystre de Satoshi. Your day promoted exchange and discussion between participants of an evergrowing Bitcoin community.

It seems to possess worked. At a surf shop up the road from the conference, local Ccile told Cointelegraph on Aug. 28 that not merely did she attend the Surfin Day, but she was inspired for more information about Bitcoin. Bitcoin isn’t as difficult since it first seemed, she explained in French. Maybe shell accept Bitcoin with time for next years edition of Surfin Bitcoin.

However, with flagrant reminders that Bitcoin uses more energy than insert small to medium-sized country here and that unhosted wallets ought to be banned and confronted with grueling Know Your Customer laws, its no wonder that Bitcoin adoption in France is slow. The European Unions stance on Bitcoin is clear-cut: regulation is coming and Bitcoin will undoubtedly be lumped as well as almost every other crypto project.

Bitcoin adoption in France will certainly remain a ripple because the price continues to tread water. To create waves, Bitcoin would need a swell of positive public sentiment or perhaps a pro-Bitcoin splash from Macron Frances anti-crypto leader or europe, which ultimately shows no sign of abating its Bitcoin bashing.

Surfin’Bitcoin (@SurfinBitcoin) August 28, 2022

The Bitcoin Boat, called Sato Boat, set sail on the ultimate day of the conference. Confronted with a calm sea and an extended bear market, the Bitcoin adage, stay humble, stack sats, springs in your thoughts. Overall, Surfin Bitcoin is ze spot to be for the French Bitcoin believers, but theres lots of work and a heck of a journey ahead for the French Bitcoin scene to attain greater degrees of adoption.

Bon voyage.

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