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Robert Saleh Says He’s ‘Taking Receipts’ on INDIVIDUALS WHO Mock Jets During Struggles

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NY Jets head coach Robert Saleh might not be Santa Claus, but he’s creating a list and checking and twice. And you also better believe he’s gonna learn whether you’ve been naughty or nice to his team.

Even though Jets lost their opener, 24-9, to the Baltimore Ravens, Saleh told reporters Monday he knows a breakthrough is “likely to happen.”

“We are all taking receipts on all of the individuals who continually mock and say that we’re not likely to do anything,” he said. “I’m taking receipts and I’ll become more than pleased to share them with everyone when all is said and done.”

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Robert Saleh and the Jets are keeping receipts on the ones that “mock” the team:

“I’ll become more than pleased to share them if it is all said and done”

The Jets haven’t made the playoffs since 2015 that was also their last winning season. New York’s .327 winning percentage between 2015-21 may be the third-lowest in the league, per Stathead.

Saleh reflected that of the losing is “exhausting” for everybody involved, be it the players, coaches, fans or media within the team.

Establishing the proper sort of culture is imperative for creating a winner. Wanting to shake a franchise out of a years-long stupor requires taking bold action and saying bold things.

Saleh’s comments may be very prescient in a couple weeks if the Jets start turning up the wins. He was setting a tone and leading his players by example.

If the losing continues, however, then this the type of thing which will follow Saleh across his entire tenure. Just ask Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy, whose dalliance with analytics when he was unemployed is a running theme whenever the Cowboys lose.

You can’t blame a head coach for attempting to have confidence in his players and enthusiastically backing them in public areas. Still, the Jets’ skeptics will undoubtedly be all too pleased to expense their receipts by the end of the entire year if the team remain a laughingstock.

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