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Rocket League codes for August 2022

Among the best elements of Rocket League may be the cavalcade of customisation options it offers one to make your vehicle look like a thing that shouldnt have the ability to do the rocket-powered acrobatics it can. From placing much crown along with the car to presenting it fire rainbows out from the back, theres an limitless blast of items directed at you after each match.

Having said that, more is definitely better, particularly when you can find them free of charge. Well offer you every code available free of charge items in Rocket League, and ways to redeem them at this time. If youre searching for more freebies in your favourite games then have a look at our guides for Roblox codes, Genshin Impact codes, or Pokmon GO codes.

Rocket League 2

Listed below are the codes available at this time, and what theyll allow you to get:

  • popcorn Limited edition popcorn rocket boost.

Rocket League 3

Redeeming a code in Rocket League is a breeze. You just have to get into Extras on the primary menu, select Redeem Code and type it in. Assuming youve done everything correctly, that should come in your inventory immediately that you can equip and begin using. Theres no limit to just how many codes it is possible to claim per day, if you have multiple codes feel absolve to go all-out claiming stuff.

Compiled by Ryan Woodrow with respect to GLHF.

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