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Roterra 4 -registration on iOS


Roterra 4 - Magical Revolution, the latest of the mobile cube puzzler series, is available now for pre-registration on iOS

Significantly less than 8 weeks ago, DiG-iT! Games released the Roterra A Sovereign Twist, the 3rd title in the hit puzzler franchise. And today, in this short time, the developers have previously revealed whats ahead next in the series as Roterra 4 Magical Revolution begins pre-registration today. The overall game will be occur exactly the same mystical world where players will activate switches, open portals, clear paths and hidden blocks, to get their way to avoid it of magical mazes.

In Roterra 4 Magical Revolution that story requires a new direction aswell. The Wizard has finally revealed her true self, making the fight for the crown even more complicated because she is now able to control the surroundings. Angelica and Orlando will undoubtedly be likely to tackle problems like caves filled with lava, gushing water, and dangerous creatures that are out for blood.

The duo can only just desire to survive by working together. The only real mistake the Wizard has made is underestimating individuals of Roterra, most of whom have magical powers, meaning the revolution could have various twists and turns.

Talking about Roterra 3 and its own successor, Suzi Keehn, CEO of DIG-IT! Games, said: We have been very excited to be picking right up where we left off in Roterra 3 A Sovereign Twist. We is busy creating immersive puzzle experiences, environments and much more. The brand new Roterra games likewise incorporate a pinch and zoom camera option, that people recently delivered in Roterra 3 versions 1.1+. This is probably the most requested top features of our players plus they were excited to see this program for better player control.

With regards to size, levels, and the intricacy of the puzzles themselves, Magical Revolution will undoubtedly be quite much like its predecessor. The smart level design will undoubtedly be maintained to provide users an event that’s as immersive as you possibly can. Roterra 4 Magical Revolution is currently designed for pre-order on the App Store for $4.99 or your neighborhood equivalent. The overall game appears to be eyeing a winter release this season. Browse the official website for additional information.

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