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RSP Nutrition Launches Best-Selling Pre-Workout AminoLean Into Walmart

Continuing their commitment to providing all-in-one products to aid a dynamic lifestyle, RSP brings their clean energy product to shoppers nationwide.

NEWS RELEASE Sep 9, 2022 12: 00 EDT

MIAMI, September 9, 2022 ( – RSP Nutrition, a business leader in sports nutrition, has launched their best-selling pre-workout AminoLean in every Walmart stores nationwide and In the last decade, RSP Nutrition has managed to get their mission to raise the sports nutrition industry by giving clean supplements that complement a dynamic lifestyle. Specifically,AminoLean has turned into a fan favorite in the clean energy category, garnishing over 15,000 5-star reviews and being featured by Women’s Health, Byrdie, Men’s Journal and countless others.

“We have been passionate about making better-for-you, functional active nutrition products open to all customers,”said Victor Davanzo, CEO of RSP Nutrition. “Launching AminoLean at Walmart is really a key section of this mission, and we’re thrilled to greatly help drive their motto to greatly help customers cut costs and live better.”

Unlike other pre-workouts, AminoLean may give a natural energy boost minus the jitters, crash or skin-tingling effect.AminoLean provides 125mg of natural caffeine from green tea extract, delivering a clean, consistent boost of energy. Additionally, AminoLean includes a mixture of amino acidsto help stimulate muscle protein synthesis, build muscle and assist in athletic recovery. Lastly, it includes a mixture of Carnitine, CLA, TEAS and Green Coffee Extract to assist in weight reduction.AminoLean prides itself in delivering an energy-rich experience with the added bonus of muscle building, mental focus and weight reduction.

“There are various forms of consumers who is able to reap the benefits of taking AminoLean, that is what has helped us reach where we have been now,” said Matt Schiffman, Vice President of Brand Management. “AminoLean works well, clear to see, and only contains proven and safe ingredients. This transparency has resulted in the expansion of our AminoLean brand line to other retailers like Whole Foods, Sprouts, Kroger, HEB and Publix to mention a few, and contains now secured the largest retailer in the country-Walmart.”

About RSP Nutrition

RSP Nutrition is really a supplement company that produces all-in-one products so you do not have to sacrifice quality for convenience.RSP Nutrition’s goal is for active individuals to become their finest selves by creating products which are convenient, effective, clear to see, and only use clean, proven ingredients. With AminoLean as an Amazon best-seller for a long time, RSP has been dominating the e-commerce market and contains developed major success in shops as well. It is possible to shop their supplements at Walmart, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Kroger, HEB, Publix, Fresh Thyme, and much more.

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Alina Ibarra

Source: RSP Nutrition

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