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Rugged Apple Watch Series 8 Pro may necessitate new bands

In brief: A rugged version of the Apple Watch out for outdoor enthusiasts is likely to debut at next week’s iPhone 14 launch event. The Apple Watch Series 8 Pro will reportedly include a larger 47mm-48mm watch face with a set display and could even necessitate a fresh watch band.

For comparison, the Apple Watch Series 7 emerges with your selection of 41mm or 45mm case size. The less expensive Apple Watch SE comes with 40mm or 44mm cases as the lingering Apple Watch Series 3 – the least expensive of the bunch starting at $199 – comes in 38mm or 42mm sizes.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, a well-known Apple analyst, tweeted in reaction to the rumor saying he believes the Apple Watch Pro will support older bands. Given how big is the brand new watch, however, older bands may not fit well or look seamless when installed.

Earlier reports suggested the watch’s case will undoubtedly be built from a durable metal and show a far more shatter-resistant screen. A more impressive battery and an updated low-power mode you could end up improved battery life, perhaps stretching to many days about the same charge.

In accordance with Mac Otakara, the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 “Pro” will include a larger 47mm size and a set display. This model is likely to start at an increased price near $1000

Apple Hub (@theapplehub) August 28, 2022

The Pro, combined with the standard-issue Apple Watch Series 8 and revised Apple Watch SE, are likely to be powered by way of a new S8 chip. This SoC is likely to offer performance based on the earlier S7 and S6 chips. With the brand new watches, you might think Apple will finally discontinue the Series 3 that launched in 2017.

The Apple Watch Series 8 Pro can also be a lot more expensive, with a minumum of one rumor putting it close to the $1,000 mark. For comparison, a string 7 watch starts at $399.

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The other day, Apple delivered customary media invitations because of its next product launch. The iPhone 14 would be the star of the September 7 show but new smartwatches may also be expected on the docket. What isn’t more likely to surface is Apple’s mixed reality headset. Reality One, as it can be called, will most likely not make an appearance until early 2023.

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