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Rumour: IT ISN’T Even September And Nintendo Direct Rumours HAVE PREVIOUSLY Started

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When you have been following everything Nintendo throughout 2022 then your idea of ‘a Nintendo Direct will definitely be happening next month’ will not be not used to you. However, the most recent rumour drop from Giant Bomb journalist Jeff Grubb may be probably the most likely prediction we’ve had in some time.

Speaking on the Last of the Nintendogs podcast (and livestream), Grubb who’s got a solid track record with regards to industry rumours said the next regarding a potential September Nintendo Direct:

“100% there exists a Nintendo Direct in September. Like, it’s that easy.”

Both Grubb and co-host Mike Minotti joked about people “sick and tired of being burned” by way of a summer filled with Direct rumours, but are confident we’ll get yourself a Nintendo Direct in September a prediction which stands an excellent potential for being on the amount of money. Typically, September may be the month for Nintendo to carry a large ol’ Direct (apart from the Partner Showcase back 2020), so to see one again in 2022 wouldn’t normally be too large a surprise.

Browse the timestamped video below to listen to what Grubb and Minotti had to state concerning the Direct:

Needless to say, broad predictions are a very important factor, but Grubb was quick to supply more details on which the function might or, indeed, might not entail. In accordance with “a fairly good source”, the Direct will undoubtedly be occurring in the week starting September 12th. This might stick it right between Labour Day in america and Tokyo Games Show, and therefore the function could absorb all of the gaming spotlight for that brief period.

Are you aware that size of the Direct, it appears that the source had not been as precise. Torn between an over-all (or what we prefer to call a ‘Proper’ around these parts), a Mini or perhaps a potential mate Showcase, the presenters say that only the date is clear right now.

Shifting to go over what we’re able to be prepared to see as of this Direct, the presenters were clear within their predictions, as Grubb stated the next:

“I believe there’s likely to be plenty of Zelda as of this thing. I believe this is likely to be considered a Zelda blow-out for Nintendo.”

The pair specifically named Twilight Princess and Wind Waker HD ports arriving at the Switch, in addition to fuelling our desire to have Breath of the Wild 2 news because they tease that may be the event where Nintendo finally reveals the game’s official title. Rumours of Twilight Princess/Wind Waker Switch ports have already been doing the rounds for a long period now, so perhaps with BotW2 hopefully nearing completion, this may be time for you to reveal them to keep us Zelda fans dutifully topped-up with content before next Switch-original release.

In other news, Grubb also shows that the Direct could start to see the announcement of the also-long-rumoured Metroid Prime remaster, while Minotti hoped that people might get even more Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp information during the presentation.

With one of these two titles joining an already intimidating set of potential Zelda news, we think the probabilities that all of the games can make the Direct is somewhat slim and hey, Grubb has shown wrong before (remember when he said Roller Champions would end after Season 3? No? Well, let’s just say that Ubisoft were quick to shut that certain down.)

By the end of your day, all this boils right down to a rumour from the ‘pretty good source’, worlds from any type of official announcement. We have been certainly hoping that Nintendo continues its September Direct trend this season and if the above rumours grow to be true, then we will maintain for a particularly exciting end to 2022.

What can you label of this rumour? Do you want to see these titles at the Nintendo Direct? Tell us listed below!

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