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Russian video brags about thermobaric weapons fired in Ukraine

New video claims showing brutal Russian thermobaric weaponry hitting the front-line Ukrainian-controlled town of Pisky.

The footage, initially distributed on pro-Russian social media marketing channels, was tweeted out Thursday by several pro-Ukrainian accounts focused on tracking the war.

There is absolutely no indication of once the bombardment depicted in the video occurred, nor whether there have been any casualties.

The video, initially posted to a Russian Telegram channel called Military Chronicles, shows multiple rocket strikes hitting blocks of apartment buildings that may actually already maintain shambles.

The explosions erupt in a shower of sparks.

We’ve already told you concerning the characteristics of the TOS-A1, the post says, referencing a Russian rocket launcher with the capacity of firing thermobaric-tipped rockets. its time and energy to show it doing his thing.

The post claims that the rockets are targeting Ukrainian fighters holed up in abandoned residences.

A video claims to show the use of thermobaric bombs by Russia on the Ukrainian-controlled town of Pisky.
A video claims showing the usage of thermobaric bombs by Russia on the Ukrainian-controlled town of Pisky.

There were no civilians in Pisky for a long period back 2015, the village was converted into a fortified section of the MILITARY of Ukraine, it says.

A weapons analyst from the private intelligence firm Janes told Sky News Thursday that a few of the explosions in the video seemed to result from thermobaric warheads.

Thermobaric explosives, also called aerosol or fuel air bombs, use oxygen from the encompassing air to create a high-temperature blast that typically produces a shockwave of a significantly longer duration than that of the standard device.

While thermobaric weaponry isn’t inherently against international law, intentionally targeting civilians with thermobaric devices or any weaponry is known as a war crime.

The videos shows rockets striking what appears to be apartment buildings in Pisky.
The videos shows rockets striking what is apparently apartment buildings in Pisky.

Pisky is a front-line Ukrainian position because the occupation of the town of Donetsk during Russias 2014 annexation of Crimea. It has turn into a contested position in Russias flagging efforts to take the complete Donetsk province, sufficient reason for it the industrial Donbas region of eastern Ukraine.

Little shelling was reported from Pisky on Thursday, however the situation on the floor remained unclear.

Moscow said the city had already fallen to Russian troops, a declare that cannot be verified.

The video does not mention when the bombardment took place or the reported casualties.
The video will not mention once the bombardment occurred or the reported casualties.

Ukrainian Brigadier General Oleksiy Hromov, however, said he’d be sending reinforcements to the city, where he said just one more Russian advance have been repelled.

Through the entire week, the enemy has constantly assaulted Pisky, conducting 6-7 attacks each day, he said.

Speaking at a news conference Thursday, Hromov said that the frequency of Russian air attacks had soared, with doubly many this week as last.

The post claimed the bombs were targeting Ukrainian fighters in abandoned apartment buildings.
The post claimed the bombs were targeting Ukrainian fighters in abandoned apartment buildings.

The overall claimed that Ukrainian air defenses were attempting to make those strikes less effective, however.

The enemys planes and helicopters avoid flying in to the selection of our air defenses, and then the accuracy of the strikes is low, he said.

Along with air strikes, Russian forces continued bombardments through the entire country.

Oleg Sinegubov, governor of the Kharkiv province, said on Telegram that the areas round the cities of Kharkiv and Izyum have been hit with massive shelling.

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