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Ryan Fluff Bruce of Riffs, Beards & Gear unveils signature Fishman Fluence Custom Series pickup

Fishman Fluence Ryan ‘Fluff’ Bruce Custom Series

(Image credit: Fishman / YouTube)

You’ll likely recognize Ryan Bruce, better referred to as Fluff, from his excellent YouTube channel, Riffs, Beards & Gear (opens in new tab), or because the guitarist with Seattle punks Dragged Under. Now Bruce can truly add yet another item to his resum, as he teams up with Fishman for a Custom Series Fluence pickup.

The guitarist has used a number of Fishman guitar pickups across his career and is well known for his super-stripped-back single pickup setup (delivered with a custom MusicMan Custom Stingray RS, above).

As youd expect then, Fluffs Custom Series is available as an individual bridge unit. However, the Fluences three voices offer some handy flexibility, incorporating modern active high output ceramic, modern passive attack and slightly overwound single coil voices in to the one unit.

[Fun fact: the next voice was made with Willie Adler and featured because the first setting in the Lamb Of God mans own Custom Series pickup, but Fluff loves it so much he asked if he could include it here.]

Talking through the brand new Custom Series pickup over on Fishmans YouTube channel, Fluff explains his thinking behind the three voices.

I’ve toured with almost every set [of Fluence pickups] in my own guitars… and I got eventually to basically cherrypick a few of the best features and combine them into my very own custom series bridge humbucker, says Fluff.

[Its] a three voiced humbucker and voice one is really a very focused, very tight articulate high gain-friendly voice which has some nice low-end. And some sort of a rolled-off top-end, so it is not too harsh when working with when working with it with modelers, just like a Fractal Axe-Fx, or something similar to that.

Voice two is straight-up the [Lamb Of God guitarist] Willie Adler voice one from his [Fluence] pickup, that is very passive-sounding. Its just a little dirtier, it is a little rounder and I really like that contrast to my voice one. And voice three may be the single-coil sound if you want Strat-y tones you’re gonna obtain it with the Fluff custom series.

It is possible to hear Fluff put his Custom Series through its paces in the clip below.

Back 2020, Fluff told Guitar World why hed arrived at admire the Fluence pickups to begin with.

Duncan, DiMarzio, Lollar all make great pickups. But no two pickups are ever exactly the same due to how they’re copper wound on a bobbin and whenever two bits of wire touch you’ve got a phase relationship, said Bruce.

But theres an impact with the Fluence pickups: they work with a pancake effect – one copper, one not, built almost just like a 3D printed pickup. This means they are able to tune the magnet just how they would like to also it a good million times down you will see no variance.

“Theres no phase relationship and that means you get an unbelievable detailed attack and clarity across all strings. Its as an HDMI cable. Or 4K guitar that is useful if you are utilizing a large amount of gain. I couldnt unhear the muddiness of regular pickups after using the Fluence.

To find out more on the Fluence Ryan Fluff Bruce Custom Series pickup, check out Fishmans site (opens in new tab).

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