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Ryan Reynolds Discovers Polyp in “Potentially Life-Saving” Colonoscopy

Why Ryan Reynolds Is Ultimate Dad Goals!

Ryan Reynolds is turning his medical scare into an educational moment.

The Free Guy actor recently underwent his first colonoscopy and learned he previously a polyp on his colon.

Ryan’s doctor revealed the outcomes of the procedure, as observed in a video the 45-year-old shared on Instagram on Sept. 13.

“You did this type of good prep that I could find an exceptionally subtle polyp that has been on the proper side of one’s colon,” Dr. Lapook told Ryan. “This is potentially life-saving for you personally. I’m not kidding. I’m not being overly dramatic.”

The operation isn’t one which Ryan takes lightly, and he filmed the knowledge to talk about with the planet. For what pushed him to place the procedure on camera? Everything started with a bet.

Ryan, who’s the co-chairman of Welsh football team Wrexham AFC, made a wager with fellow co-chairman Rob McElhenney that when Rob could learn a few of the language Welsh, Ryan would need to film a video obtaining a colonoscopy. Well, Ryan lost the bet, but he won critical home elevators his health.

In the LEAD FROM BEHIND launch video, Ryan took viewers with him for the task, showing the moments before and after. For how he felt about putting this milestone on camera? He teased, “We’re f–king filming it, that is also exactly like awful.”

Now, undergoing any surgical procedure may be tough, not forgetting putting it on camera.

“I am on camera a whole lot. But this is the very first time one was shoved up my ass,” Ryan noted. “The task and prep were painless however the discomfort of filming and sharing the procedure was the hardest part.”

But even though discomfort, Ryan and Rob both broadcasted their colonoscopy visits for a larger purpose.

Ryan shared, “We wish this potentially life-saving procedure to be less mysterious and stigmatized.”

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