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SAG-AFTRA Board Approves New Agreement With AMPTP Limiting Exclusivity in TV Contracts

The national board of SAG-AFTRA approved a fresh agreement with theAlliance of FILM and Television Producers (AMPTP)on Saturday, that will limitexclusivity in television actors contracts. The vote was almost unanimous, with 95.5% and only the measure.

The brand new deal will markedly decrease enough time that contracts can take series regulars back from focusing on other projects simultaneously and can connect with all work under contracts entered into on or after Jan. 1, 2023.

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On the list of key improvements to exclusivity rules for several series regulars:

  • Creation of a conflict-free window of at the very least 90 days during each season where performers may accept a permitted appearance on another show or network without first confirming availability and potential scheduling. This conflict-free window isn’t mandatory where in fact the filming schedule between seasons is significantly less than 4 months.
  • A rise in the exclusivity money breaks from $15,000 weekly or per episode for half-hour programs and $20,000 weekly or per episode for just one hour or longer programs to $65,000 weekly or per episode for half-hour programs and $70,000 weekly or each hour for just one hour or longer programs.
  • The expansion in permitted appearances for series regulars, like the ability to be considered a series regular on another series also to do an unlimited amount of guest star appearances, including an unlimited amount of continuing roles that not exceed 6 episodes.
  • A strict limitation on the permissible known reasons for which a string producer may stop a string regular from accepting an appearance on another program, plus a dependence on good faith consideration of most permitted appearances and an obligation to help keep records that are offered for the union to examine of series regular requests to focus on other programs and the series producers response.

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All the above agreed-upon rules are also applicable for series regulars on childrens programming at the mercy of limitations on series regulars that are minors taking roles on other childrens programs. The limitations usually do not connect with adult programs and cease once the minor reaches 18.

This negotiation reflects a wholesome collaboration between SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP in the interdependent relationship we share. The AMPTP was motivated to come quickly to the table and improve a contract which has hindered our members for a long time. I would like to thank the negotiating committee and our members for his or her participation and activism with this issue, especially the Series Regulars who came and testified, wrote op-eds, and stood around in the area through the negotiation. I particularly desire to applaud Duncan Crabtree-Ireland and Ray Rodriguez for leading these negotiations, SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher said partly.

SAG-AFTRA Members Ratify New Non-Primetime Network Television Code Overwhelmingly

Earlier this month, SAG-AFTRA National Board overwhelmingly approved its new bargaining agreement with Netflix. Within that agreement, Netflix will join the bargaining unit run by the Alliance of FILM and Television Producers after quietly joining the business this past year, and all future contract negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and Netflix will undoubtedly be done concurrently with AMPTP talks.

On the list of gains won by SAG-AFTRA are new exclusivity rules for series regulars on Netflix demonstrates give actors more flexibility to to remain to projects from other studios. In addition, it includes an expansion of the bargaining agreement for dubbing voice work to add Spanish dubbing, and the initial fixed residual payment guarantees for stunt coordinators.

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