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Samsung’s new handsets usher in new era of form factor diversity


(Image credit: Samsung)

The 2000s were a distinctive time for smartphone design. There have been candybar phones, flip phones, slider phones and also taco phones (the gaming focused Nokia N-Gage placed its speaker and microphone privately of these devices instead of on leading).

Full QWERTY keyboards were popularised by BlackBerry and T-Mobiles Sidekick (but most likely not by the Nokia 5510) prior to the touch-screen slate iPhone found its way to 2007, setting a rectangular standard for the to check out.

The first 2010s were an interval of consolidation because the industry migrated towards two main platforms iOS and Android and a small number of manufacturers.

The battle at the very top

Smartphones were still hugely desirable and attractive items, becoming better and feature-packed, but there is little differentiation on form factor beyond size.

Many of these devices looked good – and there is no way you can launch a tool lacking any interactive display – but that which was the final smartphone that basically made you operate and go wow?

For me personally it had been the apple iphone 4 4 or the initial HTC One. Until the other day, that’s.

When Samsung first launched the Samsung Galaxy back 2010, it kickstarted a legal dispute with Apple over claims the handset essentially mimicked iPhones iconic design litigation that has been essentially settled. Greater than a decade on and Samsung could never be accused of copying Apples homework.

Because the nomenclature suggests, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 (opens in new tab) aren’t the initial foldable or flip devices the business has launched recently. However the scale of the launch and the significant the Korean electronics giant is placing on the announcements suggests form factor is actually a new battleground near the top of the marketplace.

The business remains the worlds largest smartphone manufacturer when it comes to shipments, nonetheless it is second-placed Apple that dominates the high-end, higher margin premium segment.

Samsung (and Google) did plenty to help make the procedure for switching to Android as painless as you possibly can however the unparalleled brand loyalty commanded by Apple, in conjunction with the lure of its tightly integrated ecosystem, means luring customers from iPhone is really a formidable challenge.

This is also true in the premium segment when price isnt so a lot of one factor.

Hardware differentiation hasnt necessarily been a decisive issue recently, either. Samsung has included a lot of innovations in its flagship devices, including near field communication (NFC), wireless charging, and 5G, a long time before Apple followed suit. Nonetheless it was unclear whether this caused any defections.

But by supplying a truly unique form factor and something that Apples portfolio cannot match Samsung could win customers from its great rival in a manner that internal specs and software cannot. The Samsung Galaxy Note had a loyal fanbase that still laments that products demise and also BlackBerry had its supporters before companys mobile business finally closed its doors.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

(Image credit: Samsung)

Innovation with substance

Analysts suggest the truth that Samsung has recently created multiple generations of the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip can do much to convince people that these are not only gimmick devices, but genuine products which have been created through years of refinement

The Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4 will undoubtedly be almost indistinguishable from their predecessors to many consumers. Although Samsung could be criticised because of this, it seems sensible to take an iterative approach given foldable devices are such as for example small segment of the entire smartphone market, said James Manning Smith, Senior Analyst, CCS Insight.

Generally, a consumer purchasing one of Samsungs new devices will undoubtedly be getting one for the very first time so wont genuinely have anything to compare it with.

Samsungs iterative approach is practical. We suspect it really is still learning lots concerning the complexities of engineering this new group of products and even though the phones look nearly the same as earlier models, they include numerous improvements such as for example better durability, longer battery life and multiple user experience updates.

Samsung will undoubtedly be hoping the improvements to its foldable smartphone fall into line make the phones a far more reliable rather risky purchases in the eyes of consumers also it ought to be applauded because of its tireless work in developing the category.”

The unit are unlikely to possess mass market appeal just year, particularly when the expense of living is placing this type of squeeze on household incomes, but could possibly be novel enough to attract early adopters and tech enthusiasts looking forward to different things.

Indeed, it may be the beginning of a wider trend with Oppo, one of the vendors hoping to attain the number 3 spot and crack the European market, also reportedly focusing on its foldable handset.

The slate design will persist for quite a while but because the smartphone becomes a hub for multiple connected devices instead of an all-in-one unit, perhaps we have been realizing a fresh era of diversity.

In a homogenous market of black touchscreen rectangles, it seems sensible for Samsung to possess products for users that are looking something that sticks out from the crowd, added Manning-Smith.

Who knows maybe even Apple are certain to get in on the act?

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