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Samsung’s Repair Mode Locks Your Phone Data WHEN YOU Send It Away



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Getting the phone repaired when possible is normally better for the planet and, importantly, your pocketbook. But mailing it away or dropping it off somewhere risks exposing your individual data. Samsungs new repair mode should help alleviate those fears.

We have to walk out our solution to say that regardless of what Apple suggests, most repair shops arent likely to break right into your device and swipe your phone and charge card numbers. Thats a sensible way to lose your organization, get yourself a business turn off, or devote jail (or all the above). But because it generally doesnt happen doesnt mean it doesnt ever happen.

Theoretically, you could attempt to lock down your phone entirely, but which could prevent repair technicians from properly diagnosing and fixing your phone, particularly if the problem is on the program side. Samsungs tool bypasses that problem. Rather than locking the complete phone down, it just locks out your computer data. Technicians can test the OS and investigate the telephone, but theyll just see default apps with blank data. Once you get your phone back it is possible to re-authenticate to unlock your apps and data.

Unfortunately, as first spotted by SamMobile, the feature up to now only is apparently announced for Korea. Theres no word when (or if) it’ll come Stateside, nor a conclusion of the way the feature locks down your phone. Does it encrypt data? Develop a new account and hide yours? Its unclear.

However the sooner Samsung can roll-up Repair Mode to more phones, the higher because its a good idea.

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