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San Clemente Blocks Abortion Ban Proposal

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif.The San Clemente City Council voted 31 on Aug. 6 to eliminate an answer from its Aug. 16 meeting that sought to ban abortions in the town, after hearing from mostly outraged citizens throughout a public comment period that lasted about two hours.

Nearly all residents who addressed the council during Saturdays special meeting criticized Councilman Steve Knoblocks proposal, accusing Knoblock of over-reaching and wanting to impose his personal religious beliefs on the citys women. Many also expressed concern concerning the effect of this type of move ahead the citys reputation and business interests.

An inferior number expressed support for the resolution and praised Knoblock for his courage in bringing it forward.

The resolution could have called for the town to become Sanctuary FOREVER, and blocked the zoning or permitting of any facility that could offer an abortion in the town.

Knoblock, the lone vote against pulling the resolution, offered a fiery defense of his actions.

There is lots of discussion today concerning the can of worms being opened. This resolution didnt open a can of worms. The problem of abortion is really a public policy issue that’s now at the forefront of society, he said. In hawaii of California, the Democrat-controlled legislature and governor has placed on the agenda the unfettered constitutional right for a female to kill her baby get rid of any moment through delivery, through the whole 10 months That may of worms has been opened.

Thats why I suggested this city take an action to oppose that. This is a slippery slope, and its own one which this society will probably suffer from, Knoblock added.

Major Gene James took responsibility for holding the special meeting on short notice. We did rush this, and the key reason why we rushed it had been a lot of you wrote to us wanting it rushed, James said.

The mayor added that the council received threats on the divisive issue that needed to be described the Orange County Sheriffs Department and the District Attorneys Office.

I’ll take responsibility to state I wanted to get this done today. Because the mayor, I did so have the authority to require a ending up in 24 hours notice. That has been not designed to silence anyone it had been an effort on my part to place this behind us.

The imbroglio showed the way the abortion issue has turned into a hot-button topic in local governments over the USA in the weeks because the U.S. Supreme Court overturned 1973s Roe v. Wade decision that made abortion legal through the entire country, sending the problem back to every individual state.

Councilwoman Laura Ferguson told City News Service earlier this week that she was approached by James to introduce the resolution last month, but declined. She said Knoblock brought it up at the July 19 meeting.

Ferguson said she’s high regard for Knoblock and added, Hes been a pal for a long time, but I simply disagree with him with this one.

Knoblock told the LA Times he wished to send a note to the others of California that people think life is essential, and we think 60 million unborn babies which have been killed in the womb is really a sad thing and shouldnt be continued.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta and an area law school professor called the potential resolution unenforceable earlier this week.

In California, the proper to select remains fully protected, and abortion remains fully legal in your state, a spokesperson for the Attorney Generals Office told City News Service on Wednesday. Attorney General Bonta is focused on defending reproductive freedom and state law.

Calling the resolution a distraction from the citys homelessness, Ferguson said it will be a symbolic, non-binding resolution. It does not have any teeth. It clearly just states the positioning of someone on the council.

Chapman University law professor Mario Mainero remarked that the problem of whether a city can act independently of state law was already addressed recently when Huntington Beach failed in its lawsuit to avoid the states sanctuary state policy for immigrants surviving in the united states illegally so when the county didn’t make an effort to enforce a law to prohibit registered sex offenders from all parks. Legal precedent was occur the appellate courts on the question.

Under state law abortions are legal at the very least to the stage that the typical Roe had, Mainero said. State law preempts local law generally. Certainly on matters such as this because even though San Clemente were a charter city this is simply not an item in which a charter city could violate hawaii constitution. So if San Clemente passes something similar to this its void.

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