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Sanaa Lathan’s New “On the APPEAR” Trailer Details a Hip-Hop Coming-of-Age Tale

A hip-hop coming-of-age tale is going to Paramount+ in September, and we finally have a closer consider the upcoming movie. “On the APPEAR,” an adaptation of Angie Thomas’s NY Times bestselling novel of exactly the same name, is billed as a “love letter to hip-hop” that follows a girl, Bri (Jamila C. Gray), and her dream to take the battle-rap scene by storm.

To honor the legacy of her late father an underground hip-hop legend killed by gang violence Bri tries to get where he left off after her first hit goes viral “for all your wrong reasons.” In order to give her family an improved life, she’ll find herself torn between staying true to who she actually is and conforming to a “false gangsta role” that the music industry is forcing on her behalf.

A 30-second teaser trailer for the film premiered in this year’s BET Awards, and the entire two-minute trailer, which arrived on Aug. 28 through the 2022 MTV VMAs, provides an in-depth look of the inspiring, star-studded music story.

“On the APPEAR” marks Sanaa Lathan‘s directorial debut and Thomas’s second book-to-movie adaptation following “The Hate U Give.” The forthcoming project has been put into the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival bill, where it’ll make its world premiere.

Read ahead for everything we realize about “On the APPEAR,” like the cast, trailer, and release date.

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