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Sara Noelle shares new single / video, Blooming Yucca

I wrote this song following a long desert drive in the summertime where in fact the temperature and the endless road almost warps your perception of the landscape and of your mind the sky changes sometimes rapidly from dust clouds in the length to bright sun toheavy rain. The main one constant were the a huge selection of yuccas, many in bloom, that lined the street, viewed as dots in the expanse past my window.


Sara Noelles latest single,Blooming Yucca, is asurrealisticon-the-roadsong that winds itswaythrough the dusty Southwest.The song was produced byDan Duszynski in Dripping Springs, Texas. The animated, psychedelic Blooming Yucca video was made by Kelsey Boncato. Noelle, a singer-songwriter who creates indie folk and ambient-inspired music, is readying her third full-length LP, recorded and made by Duszynski.

Her 2020 LP,Cover the Blue, featuring Clouds and Run Sun Run, was written at the piano and envisioned as a wandering hike between your haze of uncertainty and clarity. Noelles 2016 debut album,Morning Moon,plots an introspective drive up the Pacific coast, and fits somewhere within Alternative and MODERN.

Her annual holiday originals have drawn notice, including Like Snow (Slowly Falling) and Christmas at Sea, that was named by theA.V. Clubwithin its Best New Holiday Music in 2020. She also edits the literary journalLyrics as Poetry, that is planning its fourth print edition in 2022.

Sara Noelle

Blooming Yucca


Street Date: Aug. 29, 2022

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