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Sauce Walka Shares That Someone Lost Their Life After Implying An Attempted Robbery Occurred

Houston rapper Sauce Walka took to social media marketing to issue a PSA after he apparently was in an incident that resulted in someone losing their life.

In a video posted to his Instagram account, he said,

Aye, man, I must say i aint wanna speak with this sh*t, but I understand its way too many young Black kings and young kings on the market thats being misled and misguided wrong learning 1 / 2 of the game rather than the complete game. Yall should try to learn out of this experience that I experienced tonight because being truly a rapper is among the most dangerous jobs in the us, and its lots of teenagers that want to get this done sh*t, but dont know precisely what include it.

He continued to state, Everybody dont go, and everybody aint going and Im one of these people thats not going. So unfortunately tonight somebody lost their life for doing something stupid, and I dont understand how it just happened or that which was going on. But I’d really like all of the young Black men around here to understand before all of the tabloids, and the bullsh*t and the fake stories escape there, I’d like yall to understand out of this experience.

Sauce shared that as he still stood, he previously most of his jewelry and precisely what he worked hard for.

There have been no details immediately available concerning the person who he described, or just how the individual lost their life.

After posting concerning the incident, Sauce also shared an image of his Louis Vuitton sneakers, which seemed to have blood stains in it, even though captioning the photo he said, Fed up my LouisDummy!

Well keep you updated when additional information are created available.

TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94

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