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Scandalous: Biden Reportedly Pressuring FBI Agents to ‘Find’ Cases That Push ‘Domestic Extremism’ Talking Points

A fresh report is confirming what many have suspected for a long time: The Biden administration is allegedly pressuring FBI agents via top officials to get crimes that support the presidents domestic extremism talking points.

Heading back to 2021, federal police targeted parents at school board meetings as terroristic threats for speaking out. During the period of Bidens term, weve also seen top FBI and DOJ brass, including Dir. Christopher Wray and AG Merrick Garland, repeatedly assert that domestic extremism, specifically white supremacy, may be the nations top threat.

AG Merrick Garland: In the FBIs view, the very best domestic violent extremist threat originates from racially or ethically motivated violent extremists specifically those that advocate for the superiority of the white race.

Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) June 15, 2021

In accordance with rank-and-file agents, though, the demand for such crimes far outstrips the supply. The report comes via The Washington Times.

The demand for White supremacy via FBI headquarters vastly outstrips the way to obtain White supremacy, said one agent, who spoke on the health of anonymity. We’ve more folks assigned to research White supremacists than we are able to actually find.

This isnt surprising. Just how many stories can you actually hear of real, violent white supremacist attacks in this country? Nobody is denying that cosplaying nazis exist and they never commit racially motivated crimes, but their numbers are so minuscule and their threat so small that its extremely rare that you visit a direct attack. On no planet does that soon add up to being the nations top domestic threat.

Yet, the Biden administration has made among its chief talking points that white supremacy and right-wing extremism may be the preeminent risk of our time. Its been a political boon for the White House because they seek to then paint their Republican opponents as either participants in or instigators of such ideology.

We have been type of the lapdogs because the actual agents doing these kinds of investigations, looking for a crime to match otherwise First Amendment-protected activities, he said. Should they have a Gadsden flag plus they own guns plus they are mean at school board meetings, thats probably a domestic terrorist.

Also contained in the Times report is really a quote from the man named Brian Levin, who purports to review hate crimes in the usa. Per his findings, hate crimes rose by 20% in 2021.

Mr. Levin, an unbiased, said White supremacist ideology consistently motivates probably the most deadly hate-fueled attacks. He noted a concerning rise in online extremism among White supremacist groups.

We’ve these ticking time bombs travelling like Buffalo or Mother Emanuel church, he said, discussing mass shootings where Blacks were targeted. Thats a thing that we need to need to address. White supremacy is completely something that we need to look at as not just a hate crime issue but a national security issue.

Spot the examples distributed by Levin. We realize that black-on-Asian hate crimes spiked dramatically during the last couple of years, yet he decides to list two white supremacist shootings, among which occurred seven years back. Isnt that sort of making the idea? The nod to online extremism also seems very convenient. What does that even really mean? How will you even quantify it given you cant understand how serious anybody post may be?

Again, the theory isnt that white supremacy doesnt exist. Needless to say, it can. But could it be the nations top domestic threat? I simply dont start to see the proof that, and these FBI agents which are choosing to speak out are clearly frustrated with the politicization going on. Meanwhile, a lot more prevalent crimes, taking a lot more lives are spiking uncontrollable in the usa as the FBI seems solely centered on bolstering Joe Bidens talking points. Thats not how things are likely to work, however when the federal bureaucracy is indeed politically compromised, this is exactly what you obtain.

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