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Scent review: How fragrant plants weave their magic

From frankincense to cacao and vanilla, Scent: An all natural history of fragrance shows how aromatic substances have helped shape human culture

Humans 17 August 2022

By Chris Stokel-Walker

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Fragrances from plants suchasroses help to make establishedand new perfumes

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Scent: An all natural history of fragrance

Elise Vernon Pearlstine

Yale University Press

FOR countless people worldwide, their first inkling they had covid-19 didnt result from a test, but from something a lot more visceral: anosmia, the increased loss of the opportunity to smell.

Our sense of smell, and our knowledge of it, helps us to navigate the planet, protecting us from harm and increasing the joy of surviving in equal measures. Catching a whiff of mercaptan, the eggy-smelling chemical

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