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Scents Of Wood To Launch First-Ever Fragrance NFT Subscription

Digital luxury fragrance brand, Scents Of Wood, is defined to launch the worlds first NFT fragrance subscription. Essentially, NFT holders are certain to get among the brands fragrances once every half a year for per year. With this particular unique initiative, Scents Of Wood is bringing the fragrance and NFT worlds beneath the same roof. Lets have a closer look at what the fragrance NFT subscription is focused on.

Scents Of Wood black fragrance bottle NFT
Scents Of Wood will soon share additional information concerning the drop. Credit: Scents Of Wood

About Scents Of Wood Fragrance NFT Subscription

Founded in September 2020, Scents Of Wood is really a direct-to-consumer luxury fragrance brand producing scents inspired by forests and trees. Developed by skilled perfumers at IFF, the high-quality fragrances are aged in wooden barrels.

Its subscription model sets the business aside from other luxury players in the area. Only 500 of the limited edition subscriptions can be found per month. Every month, the brand releases a fresh luxury fragrance, available as a scent and a candle. Overall, 17 signature scents are released each year. Now, Scents Of Wood is ready to launch its NFT.

The main element to your budding success may be the community of subscribers, customers, bloggers and friends we’ve assembled around our brand, says its website. Which NFT feels as though the next phase in growing and empowering that community. We’ve an extremely clear roadmap for the brand, one which we wrote inside our business plan a long time before we launched our first product.

However, Scents Of Wood is yet to announce the precise information on its NFT fragrance subscription. With the upcoming drop, the brand is joining others which have launched their very own NFTs. For instance, Krigler dropped exclusive NFTs because of its fragrance leasing programme this past year.

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