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Scientists just issued a shockingly bleak warning to humanity

Scientists say that Earths trees are facing an unprecedented degree of extinction and humanity ought to be worried. Hawaii of our worlds trees has been a continuing issue for many years now. But, that issue appears to be getting worse, and today were facing an enormous extinction level issue which could threaten entire ecosystems.

At the very least one-third of Earths trees are facing extinction

one of earth's trees facing extinctionImage source: Reuben/Adobe

Trees play a significant role in the many ecosystems that cover our world. This past year, a team of researchers released a paper titled State of the Worlds Trees, which viewed how the lack of some tree species has affected entire ecosystems. Now, that same team of researchers has issued a warning because the ongoing issue with Earths trees is becoming even direr.

The study is backed by 45 additional scientists from over 20 different countries and outlines the countless impacts that losing these tree species may have on the planet. It isnt just the neighborhood ecosystems that might be suffering from these losses, either. The researchers say these losses will affect our livelihoods, economies, and food.

Scientists say that 1 / 2 of the worlds plants and animals depend on trees because of their habitats. Yet, humanity continues to destroy these important ecosystems in the name of progress. Its a sad expanding problem which has plagued Earths trees for years and years. Since it continues, though, the consequences of the expansion are showing increasingly more.

Shafts of morning sunlight lighting a forest pathImage source: Joe Gough / Adobe

Its chilling to think about the amount of the extinction of certain species of trees could throw the world into disarray. Not merely do these important plans play an essential role in the ecosystems of animals, providing food and habitats, however they also play an essential role inside our planets cycling of water, carbon, along with other nutrients. And, should we continue down this path, that cycle could possibly be in danger.

Protecting the Earths trees hasn’t been more important than now. And, if we dont do something to curb the rapid destruction of the environments, climate change isnt the only real problem well need to be worried about, our entire ecosystem may begin to break apart.

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