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Sean Hannity Threatens to Sue John Fetterman for Suggesting He Lies

An upset Sean Hannity ramped up his attacks against Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman on Tuesday night, at one point floating legal action toward the Keystone states lieutenant governor.

The night time prior, Hannity said on his Fox News show that he previously invited Fetterman, whom he labeled an extremely lazy, Bernie Sanders-loving, socialist, trust-fund-baby brat, to debate. This followed the Fox host catching wind of the Democratic candidate sending out a fundraising message that noted an appearance on Hannity by Dr. Mehmet Oz, Fettermans opponent whom Hannity has endorsed.

Is it possible to please rush a donation of $25 at this time to greatly help me fight against future Fox News attacks? Hannity said, quoting the Fetterman campaign. Weve surely got to counter Sean Hannity with just as much grass roots support as you possibly can.’

On Tuesday, Hannity huffed about Fetterman, who’s leading Oz in recent polls, and how he could be refusing to debate both of these. Hannity also accused Fetterman of lying about him and raising money from his name.

He apparently sent just one more fundraising text today attacking me, lying about me [and] calling me a liar, Hannity complained. Each day [that] he lies about me I’ll continue steadily to tell the reality about his radical, extreme positions [that are] way to avoid it of touch with the hard-working folks of Pennsylvania.

Incidentally, my trust-fund-brat friend, I’ll attack you back 10 to 100 times harder as you certainly are a lying loser and raising money for the losing campaign, continued Hannity. Then, addressing his audience: He might be hearing from my lawyers very shortly. He better hope that mommy and daddy can pay for to cover his legal bills.

Fetterman have not taken care of immediately Hannitys hollow-sounding threat, though he did dismiss the most recent barb thrown his way by the Oz campaign. Reacting to a tale where Ozs senior communications adviser is quoted as saying, If John Fetterman had ever eaten a vegetable in his life, then maybe he wouldnt experienced a significant stroke and wouldnt maintain the position of experiencing to lie about any of it constantly, Fetterman wrote on Twitter Tuesday night: I understand politics could be nasty, but even then, I possibly could *neverimagine ridiculing someone because of their health challenges.

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