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SEAWORLD denies creating hybrid Orcas in mating program…

SeaWorld has denied claims they created hybrid Jurassic World-style orcas before their mating programme was ended.

It employs their former orca trainer John Hargrove alleged the favorite attraction was attempting to produce more whales as places of interest.

He claims that subspecies of orca, that could never cross paths in the open, were forced to mate once the park still had a breeding program.

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Hargrove, who worked at the attraction for 20 years, is most known for his role in the bombshell documentary Blackfish, which investigated the deaths due to captive orca Tilikum.

Activists have been battling SeaWorld over orca captivity

Activists have already been battling SeaWorld over orca captivity

The former trainer compared the park to the movie Jurassic World, which tells the fictional story of “hybrid dinosaurs.”

“That’s just what we did at SeaWorld,” he recently told SUNLIGHT.

“The primary takeaway with developing a hybrid orca is that you truly do not know what you’ve created since they don’t exist in nature. So everything are possible.”

However, SeaWorld has strongly rebuffed the claims in a statement provided to Newsweek.

The company said there is no truth behind the allegations

The business said there is absolutely no truth behind the allegations

A spokesperson said: “You’ll find nothing new in these claims. The wild characterizations out of this former employee who have not worked at SeaWorld in virtually any convenience of 10 years are created to get clicks, not communicate facts or science.

“The truth is SeaWorld is independently accredited, reviewed, and certified by both federal wildlife agencies and independent alternative party experts to uphold the best standards of animal care.

Orca shows are no longer allowed at the park

Orca shows are no more allowed at the park

“A lot of what the planet is aware of killer whales today is due to what has been learned through nearly 60 years of care and study of orcas in accredited zoological facilities such as for example SeaWorld.

“That knowledge and expertise continues to directly benefit the knowledge of medical and conservation of wild orca populations. SeaWorld ended its killer whale breeding program in March 2016.”

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Through the years, SeaWorld has been hit with a string of explosive claims and contains faced backlash from activists.

Orcas at the attraction took part in theatrical shows until 2017.

There have been multiple orca related deaths at SeaWorld

There were multiple orca related deaths at SeaWorld

Altogether, an astounding four deaths have already been due to the captive species at the park, with Tilikum being named behind three of these.

SeaWorld previously said Hargrove left his position in 2015 after he was disciplined for a safety breach.

Daily Star has contacted SeaWorld for comment.

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