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Selena Gomez Says She Hopes to “Be Married also to Be considered a Mom”

Selena Gomez Thanks Fans for “Growing Up With Me” in EMOTIONAL TikTok

Selena Gomezcontinues to be keeping it real as she looks toward the futurea future which includes starting a family group.

In a fresh bout of the TaTaTu seriesGiving Back Generation, released Aug. 5, the singerchats withhost Raquelle Stevens and fellow palAshley Cook about her mental healthjourney and her dreams.

“I am hoping to be married also to be considered a mom,” said Selena, who just celebrated her 30th birthday. “Eventually, I’ll be sick and tired of all this, so I’m probably just likely to devote the majority of my entire life to philanthropy before I peace out.”

The star added, “Keeping it real.”

And Selena does so byliving in real life whenever you can. TheOnly Murders in the Building actress, who once had the biggest amount of followers on Instagram, said shecontinues to remain off the social media marketing platform.

“If anybody know me, I’m an extremist. So it is each one way or another way,” she said. “THEREFORE I actually eliminated my Instagram on my phone and gave that capacity to my assistant. So everything I post, I simply text it to her rather than having to be worried about going on / off. I don’t even understand my password.”

Selena continued, “But it has been purposeful because I get excited when I see you guys because I didn’t look at Instagram. THEREFORE I don’t know everything you did or the way you are and that is like real-time that people can gain together.”


The pop star said she also advises other folks to try going for a social media marketing break, telling them to “just maybe take the weekend off, or focus on each day where you merely don’t focus on it and really be there for what’s around you.” She added, “I believe that’s so crucial and an integral part of our mental health.”

New episodes of Giving Back Generation will bestreamed hereweekly. With each new episode, autographed merchandise from the interviewees will undoubtedly be obtainable in theLive Auctionson TaTaTu.


The star, who has been open about her mental health struggles, had said in April onHELLO America that she’s kept off the web completelyfor a lot more than four years. On Giving Back Generation,Selena saidshe will not believe social mediais “bad,”but that she knowsshe has”to lead to what I’m feeling and I have to look after my emotions.”

With regards to leaning on friends for support, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Selena prefers to listen to their voice. “By the end of your day,” she said, “easily create a mistake or Personally i think like I am going down an incorrect path, mentally, it is very important to me to get the telephone and call someone that I understand and trust.”

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