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Sen. Chris Coons says Biden may wait until next year to select a 2024 re-election bid

Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), among President Joe Biden’s closest allies on Capitol Hill, predicted on Tuesday that Biden may wait before middle of next year before making a decision whether he’ll run for re-election in 2024.

Driving the news headlines: Coons said the post-midterm election landscape is a key indicator in regards to what direction the Democratic Party will need before 2024.

  • “We haven’t had the midterm elections yet,” Coons told Axios along with other reporters. “The results of the midterm elections is a fairly strong indication of what the problems are that may shape the bottom for the 2024 presidential.”
  • “November 2024 is really a very long time away, and President Biden is definitely someone who discussed the necessity for a transition to a fresh generation of leaders,” Coons added. “The question is merely when, and it’s really not clear if you ask me that he’s composed his mind about when which should happen.”

Why it matters: The White House has insisted that Biden plans to perform for re-election, but his top allies and also the president himself have already been unclear about his future plans. Throughout a “60 Minutes” interview that aired Sunday night, Biden said, “It’s way too early to create that sort of decision.”

What he’s saying: “He’s seriously considering running,” Coons said. “And I frankly think he means what he said in the 60 Minutes interview, that he’s centered on performing.”

  • Coons added, however, there are “a lot of types of previous Democratic presidents inside our lifetime who had a rough first midterm but came roaring back and won re-election.”
  • “President Biden includes a quite strong record to perform on. Both his approval, and the sense that the united states is relocating an improved direction, are improving in recent weeks.”
  • If he runs, Coons predicted: “He’ll beat Donald Trump again, in the event that’s just how this race plays out.”

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