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Sen. Ted Cruz throws down stop sticks and halts Karine Jean-Pierre’s economic victory lap dead in its tracks

The Biden White House and Democrats (with some help from the media) have already been spinning the most recent inflation report having an insane level of gaslighting. First, heres where things stand:

Inflation cooled in July as gas prices and airfares fell, a welcome reprieve for consumers and economic policymakers however, not yet a conclusive sign that price increases are turning a large part.

THE BUYER Price Index climbed 8.5 percent in the entire year through July, weighed against 9.1 percent the last month, a more impressive slowdown than economists had projected. After stripping out food and fuel prices to obtain a sense of underlying price pressures, prices climbed by 5.9 percent through July, matching the prior reading.

And heres how Biden and the Democrats are spinning that 8.5 percent CPI:

“Zero inflation last month,” says @POTUS at @WhiteHouse event. “It underscores the type of economy we have been building.”

Steve Herman (@W7VOA) August 10, 2022

The one thing thats zero in Bidens statement may be the percentage of the opportunity that what he said is in fact true. Theyve redefined this is of recession and today theyve redefined this is of zero.

Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is among Democrats wanting to have a victory lap:

We just received news our economy had 0% inflation in July. As the price of some things went up, the cost of others, like gas, clothing, and much more, dropped.

Karine Jean-Pierre (@PressSec) August 10, 2022

Senator Ted Cruz is the type of who arent purchasing the BS this administration (with the medias help) are shoveling and brought Jean-Pierres economic victory lap to a premature end with possible check:

Gas is up 44% from this past year.

Electricity is up 15.2% from this past year.

Food may be the priciest since 1979.

The Biden White House is surviving in a fairytale while Americans you live in a nightmare.

Senator Ted Cruz (@SenTedCruz) August 10, 2022

Meanwhile, this administration want everybody to trust what they state rather than their lying eyes, ears and bank accounts.


Biden chief of staff Ron Klain having a retweet-a-palooza for BS zero inflation claims

Media lapdogs insane spin on new inflation numbers can be an outright slap in the faces of struggling Americans

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