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Seth Grossman, Republican candidate for Congress in NJ, says “diversity is really a couple of crap”

Among the Republican Party’s nominees for Congressin the 2018 midterm elections was caught on camera asserting his controversial beliefthat “diversity is really a couple of crap.”

Seth Grossman was the surprise victorover rival businessman Hirsh Singh in the GOP primary battle for New Jersey’s second congressional district the other day. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee “sees a fantastic opportunity” to regain the seat occupied by outgoing Republican Rep.Frank LoBiondo, in accordance with the Daily Beast.

Now they might have an improved chance because of the Super PACAmerican Bridge 21st Century, the liberal watchdog who sent the footage of Grossman espousing his racially-tinged views at a spring campaign forum to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

In the video, Grossman could be heard saying to his audience, In my own view, the easiest method to bring diversity to the Republican Party is for Republicans to openly say that the complete notion of diversity is really a couple of crap and un-American.

And that is not absolutely all. The clip, which clocks in atmore than two minutes, continues toshow Grossman dissectingthe subject of diversity one he believes is becoming “a justification by Democrats” to state “we’re not absolutely all created equal.”

“You understand, women, African American, Hispanic they’re chopping us up in these different pieces and getting us fighting against one another rather than spending our time saying everybody ought to be judged by their very own talent,” Grossman said.

“After we say that the Republicans want these traditional techniques made America ideal for each one of these years,” he continued, “then maybe African Americans would realize whenever we enforce our immigration laws, you will see more chance for Americans of most backgrounds.”

“Whenever we discuss women saying, ‘Well, we are in need of special look after child care. We are in need of this credit and that credit.’ Say, ‘Wait one minute, when America was great, one parent alone earned plenty of money to comfortably support a family group,'” he further added. “That’s what happened before we chopped Americans into these different boxes and saying, ‘I’m eligible for something, because I’m section of this group.'”

Grossman will face Democrat Jeff Van Drew in November’s race to represent his NJ district. LoBiondo had held the seatsince 1995 but retired recently.

Van Drew raised probably the most money during his primary campaign. The Democrat raised $630,000, while Grossman raised $22,500, based on the latest filings to the Federal Election Commission.

Grossmans platform is founded on fundamentally hardline conservative views.The only real political goalsespoused on the campaign websiteinvolve enforcing immigration laws, repealing the remnants of Obamacare and supporting PresidentDonald Trump.

Democratsaim torun competitive racesfor the majority of New Jerseys Republican-controlledseats inside your home of Representatives this fall. And the party landed its top choices in fourof the state’s contests, that could help Democrats flip the 23 seatsneeded to assume control of the home majority, in accordance with CNNs House Race Ratings.

And theydo have one key recent data pointon their side. In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton won the Garden State over Trump by way of a margin of 14 percentage points. Primary battles over the nation this season have pointed to a “blue wave“ofAmericans turning out to vote in rebuke of Trump’s administration.

Yesterday evening, Democrat Caleb Frostmantriumphed over Republican rival Andre Jacque in a particular election to fully capture Wisconsin’s 1st Senate district. Salon’s Matthew Rozsa reports, “The district, that is close to the Green Bay area that’s home to the famous Green Bay Packers football franchise, has been held by Republicans because the 1970s and is widely seen as a staunchly conservative region.”

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