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Sexplain It: I’m Planing a trip to See a vintage Friend…and I BELIEVE I Might Maintain Love With Him

I’m Zachary Zane, a sex writer and ethical manwhore (a fancy method of saying I sleep with lots of people, and I’m very, very open about any of it). Through the years, I’ve had my fair share of sexual experiences, dating and sleeping with a huge selection of folks of all genders and orientations. In doing this, I’ve learned something or two about navigating issues in the bed room (and a lot of other areas, TBH). I’m here to reply to your most pressing sex questions with thorough, actionable advice that’s not just “talk to your lover,” as you understand that already. Ask me anythingliterally, anythingand I’ll gladly Sexplain It.

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Dear Sexplain It,

By the end of the summertime, I’m traveling over the coast to meet having an old friend…who I also may be deeply in love with?! We were close in college, where I was out, but he wasn’tI don’t believe he fully realized his sexuality at that time.

After college, we moved to opposite sides of the united states but stayed in contact on social media marketing. Then, during Covid, we started talking much more on FaceTime…and he arrived if you ask me! I was genuinely shocked, then sort of curious if something could ever happen between us. I will also mention this man has only gotten hotter since our university days. AND he asked easily wished to visit him in California.

Well, the trip is approaching, and I’m uncertain what things to expect or how to proceed. Should I simply tell him I love him? My feelings for him are receiving stronger each day, but both of us have great jobs inside our respective states, and I don’t see each one folks relocating, and I’m uncertain I’d like a long-distance relationship. But maybe I’m getting too before myself. There is also the opportunity he doesn’t have the same manner, and I find yourself making things awkward. Help!

Coastal Crushin

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Dear Coastal Crushin’,

Simply tell him the way you feel! Sure, it might lead to disappointment if he doesn’t reciprocate your feelingsnot to say an awkward remaining tripbut the chance seems worthwhile to me. In the event that you saw he each day and he was totally enmeshed in your social circle, you’d have far more to possibly lose by checking to him. But since he lives in the united states, and you also hadn’t spoken to him for a long time prior to the pandemic, I believe it’s worth putting your newly-reignited friendship at risk.

Once you see him, get yourself a vibe check, because the kids say. Is he holding eye contact for a thinking-about-kissing-you period of time? Is he working to the touch you, such as a hand on the trunk or his leg brushing against yours? Are you currently two sharing exactly the same bed?

If he appears to be flirting with youor you can’t tellI would say something short and sweet, like, “Hey, so Im needs to create a crush you. Before I let my feelings fully dominate, I needed to see when you have any romantic feelings for me personally, too. (This direct approach implies: In the event that you dont have the same wayIll be okay. We are able to return to a location of friendship.)

FYI, should you choose your vibe check and he’s not at all interestedsay, he reveals he’s in a monogamous relationship with the love of his lifethen don’t bother confessing your crush. Enjoy your week in California together with your old buddy!

But suppose you do confess your crush: You then talk it out. Maybe as it happens you misread the signals, and he’s not involved with it; then, it is possible to respond with, I totally understand and am excited to help keep being friends. As the romantic rejection will hurt, at the very least you should have your answer. Youll have the ability to move beyond feeling stuck set up, said Kate Balestrieri, Psy.D., founder of Modern Intimacy, when I showed her your question.

But in the event that you ask me, there is a better chance he says he’s began to develop feelings for you personally, too. In the end, he arrived for you, then proceeded to invite you in the united states to be with him! While platonic friends happen to be visit one another on a regular basis, you’re two single gay men who haven’t seen one another since collegenot BFFs who plan trips together. In the event that you obtain the response you’re longing for, well, I’m just likely to leave this guide to beach sex the following.

You ask whether youre getting too before yourself. Yes, you’re. Wanting to make major life decisions without certain key bits of informationin this case, whether your friend is into youis a recipe for anxious spiraling. Wait to create your future and soon you have all of the relevant blocks. Who knows? You might learn that he’s not merely into you romantically, but in addition has been eyeing a proceed to your city for a long time. I cannot guarantee what some of his answers will undoubtedly be, but I can guarantee you are not likely to have clarity without speaking with the guy first.

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