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Shaq says Westbrook was showing an excessive amount of respect last season

Within an interview with Bill DiFilippo of Uproxx Sports, Shaquille ONeal said he thinks Russell Westbrook was showing an excessive amount of respect last season while playing alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis:

He was just being too nice. I dont know the partnership between him and LeBron, but in the event that you put that down in some recoverable format and I dont know nothing about basketball, thats a hell of a backcourt, Russell Westbrook and LeBron James. Why it didnt work, I dont know, but watching him play, he was super passive. I dont require you to be passive, I want one to play your game. Ill be calling plays, once you obtain the ball once they miss a go, run, in the event that you aint got nothin, pull it out, give it to LeBron, and call some plays. Thats how it had been me, he was just thinking an excessive amount of. Hes a man that, when he plays freely, hes a monster.

Westbrooks usage rate fell to 27.3% last season that was his lowest mark since 2009-10, but thats to be likely when playing alongside LeBron James was fifth in the NBA in touches per game. The thought of Westbrook becoming the sixth man in LA has been kicked around in NBA circles, but would the 34-year-old PG accept that?

Well, he doesnt exactly have a selection as no team has yet to intensify to defend myself against his massive expiring contract. The arrival of Patrick Beverley certainly escalates the odds of a sixth man role for Westbrook and, in writing, Im cautiously optimistic that it might work. Putting Beverley with the starters would provide them with more floor spacing and a much-needed defensive spark, and letting Westbrook have the keys with the next unit could easily get him back his safe place.

Despite the fact that Beverley and Westbrook had probably the most intense rivalries moving in the NBA, its been pretty cool to see them interact positively with one another, at least while watching media. As is definitely the case, lots of eyes will undoubtedly be fixed on LA while we wait to observe how this backcourt takes shape.

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