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Shark Tanks Matt Higgins Buys a $50k ENS Domain JUST LIKE A True Degen

Matt Higgins an infamous investor from Television show Shark Tank recently purchased an ENS domain for an astounding 30 ETH ($51,853.20). With ENS domainsin popular demand, the two-digit/three-digit .eth domains continue steadily to fetch high-value sales. Significantly, Matt Higgins purchased 713.ETH. Not merely is this a three-digit domain, but additionally the numbers hold significant value, as 713 may be the Houston, Texas area code often cited in popular cultures, such as for example music.

Shark Tank investor Matt Higgins in a suit sitting down
Shark Tank Investor Matt Higgins buys ENS domain for over $50 thousand dollars

Matt Higgins of Shark Tank buys $50K ENS Domain

During the last year, there’s been a large rise and fascination with ENS domains. Actually, last month, the Ethereum Name Service confirmed they had reached the 2 million milestone for names. They tweeted, 2m ENS names created! It took five years to access 1m names, then 3.5 months to access 2m names, and were just starting out.

Celebrities are increasingly joining the NFT space. Now, some, such as for example Matt Higgins, are exploring ENS domains too.

Tweet results in the discovery of ENS domains by Matt Higgins

Giving an answer to a tweet by @OGDfarmer about .SOL names of domain Matt Higgins begun to inquire about Web3 domains. He said, Is it possible to educate me on which you see here? Im not up to date.

In the corresponding replies, many offered their views on ENS domains, which appear well received. Significantly less than 24 hours later, Matt Higgins used his Shark Tank skills and knowledge to bid on various three-digit ENS domains.

Higgins bid on numerous .ETH domains before finally purchasing the 713.ETH, such as for example 917 and 718.

Finally, Twitter user @gweiman_eth also took enough time to join up the blockchain domain mhiggins.eth as something special for Matt Higgins.

All investment/financial opinions expressed by aren’t recommendations.

This short article is educational material.

As always, make your personal research before making any type of investment.

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