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Shiba INU Breaking the Targets, Will SHIB Price Make it to Top 10 Now?

Shiba INU was poised to hit the next target above $0.000016 after surpassing the levels at $0.000014. But the bears jumped in just below $0.000015 & slashed the price lower by nearly 11%. However, the SHIB price has begun with recovery, but the rejection is currently signalling many more things to come.

The SHIB price was expected to be explosive this morning after a brief consolidation, but the passive trend is now indicating a possible drop towards the $0.000012 region soon. However, the price is swinging within the 200 & 50-day Moving averages which are considered a safe zone to accumulate gains. 


The SHIB price has maintained an incremental approach since the beginning of the month following the lower trend line as support. Despite a significant rejection, the asset held strong above these levels, manifesting the possibilities to go higher in the coming days. 

The asset may not pull a massive leg as it did the previous day as the volumes have plunged down. Therefore, the Shiba INU(SHIB) price may continue following an ascending consolidation until it receives the required buying pressure to reach the targets ahead. 

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