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Sinema facing pressure from Arizona voters on support for reconciliation bill

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    Sinema facing pressure from Arizona voters on support for reconciliation bill

    01: 31


    Rep. Steny Hoyer on Senate climate and tax deal: ‘If the Senate passes it, we’ll pas it’

    05: 48

  • Sen. Baldwin’s confidence in same-sex marriage bill passing in Senate: ‘8 or 9’ out of 10

    03: 46

  • ‘I had terrible nightmares’ Indianapolis family shares encounter with random gun violence

    03: 00

  • Bannon found guilty by jury on both contempt of Congress counts

    04: 23

  • ‘Donald Trump lit the match’ Former DHS Secretary on Trump’s actions during Jan 6

    10: 25

  • State senator Gutierrez on Uvalde response, ‘It’s a more impressive story of neglect’

    05: 43

  • ‘They all knew better’ Mark Leibovich’s new book goes inside Trump’s inner circle

    07: 59

  • ‘Failure isn’t an option’ Rep. Pressley on House abortion bills unlikely to pass Senate

    03: 57

  • ‘This bill helps you to save lives…more must be done’ Sen. Rosen on gun legislation

    06: 47

  • Families influenced by gun violence say Bipartisan Safety Communities Act alone isn’t enough

    03: 24

  • U.S. announces $820 million in aid to Ukraine

    03: 10

  • 19 found guilty on all charges in 2015 Paris attack trial

    03: 07

  • ‘We want to do everything we can’ Lawmakers demand national action on abortion

    04: 58

  • ‘He actively took making this happen’ What Hutchinson’s Jan 6 testimony reveals

    11: 02

  • ‘That was stunning to me’ January 6th Committee member on Hutchinson’s testimony

    09: 28

  • ‘The key here’s detail.” What things to search for in Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony

    12: 19

  • ‘I’m finding your way through an extremely hard, long, fight’ Jim Obergefell on a post-Roe America

    05: 05

  • ‘We will not have the ability to contain the line’ Protecting abortions is moving to states

    05: 35

  • Rep. Luria on Jan 6th and Jeffrey Clark: ‘His actions are actually central’ to fifth hearing

    06: 49

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