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Snapchat Brings House of the Dragon to Cities Around the world Via AR

Snap and HBO Max have partnered on a fresh Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon feature for Snapchat users. From Sunday, if you are in the proper place you will see Snapchat’s new “Landmarker Lenses” starring dragons.

You need to maintain certain cities and locations to unlock the entire AR experience.

Listed below are the locations revealed up to now for the special AR dragons on Snapchat:

  • LA: Venice Beach Grand Canals
  • Rio De Janeiro: Princess Isabel Statue
  • London: Tower Bridge
  • Chennai: Sankagiri Fort
  • Mumbai: CST Station (IE Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus)
  • Prague: Charles Bridge

You will see dragon markers on your own Snap Map once you get near their locations. You will see 20 lenses released through the season as more dragons are introduced to the show. Each AR lens was built by way of a different Snap lens creator.

Gleam filter all users can access that turns that person right into a fire-breathing dragon, or, in the event that you face the camera out, a dragon will fly over the screen.

House of the Dragon is defined to premiere on Aug. 21.

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