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*SNORT* Tim Allen makes a tale about Biden’s 60 Minutes appearance and the Left can’t DEEEEAL and that means you KNOW it’s good

A Tim Allen sighting on Twitter is unfortunately sorta rare (unless he’s got a show approaching) and a Tim Allen joke about Biden is even RARER.

The person doesnt waste tweets, which in the grand scheme of things is good. Some individuals just love the sounds of these own tweets voices. Guess what happens we mean.

Biden was on 60 minutes. I heard he asked just how long the show was.

Tim Allen (@ofctimallen) September 19, 2022

Allen trended all night today over this tweet. Sure, a lot of people applauded and laughed

You’ll forever be the best comedian. Youre the very best

Aliscia Andrews (@alisciaandrews) September 19, 2022

Us too.

Thats funny. I dont care who you’re.

John Odermatt (@JohnOdermatt) September 20, 2022

We thought so too.

Nonetheless it was the Biden supporters and Lefties who made him trend. Ya know, life will be a lot more fun for these people if theyd take away the perpetual stick from their backside, only once.

Longer than your job Buzz

HPH (@HarrietPH) September 19, 2022

Look at these folks.

So angry in regards to a joke.

Tim Allen was caught with 1.4 pounds of coke. I heard he asked just how many people he previously to snitch to only serve 24 months in prison. Answer: Tim tattled on 20.

Mimsy (@MimsyYamaguchi) September 20, 2022

Oooh, she sure got him.

That is this type of good representation of Left versus Right, though. Tim just told a tale, she got really nasty and mean.

Now do Hunter Biden

DeniseVB (@blogho) September 20, 2022

Oh wait, theres the true punchline.

How do people dislike Biden following the dumpster fire that has been trump? I dont obtain it. All Personally i think is relief

x24 (@christopherco) September 19, 2022

Ugh, Trump Trump Trump.

Change the record!

Nobody discusses Trump just as much as individuals who supposedly hate the guy.

So much seething at a straightforward joke

Bonchie (@bonchieredstate) September 20, 2022


Imagine defending this train wreck of a presidency.

Bizzy E (@bizzyinaz) September 20, 2022

It might be exhausting.



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