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SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Celebrates The 1-Year-Anniversary Of The Lox & Dipset Verzuz Battle

Now yall know we love an excellent moment in hip-hop, and this past year today The Lox faced off against Dipset in a Verzuz battle that became the talk of social media marketing for weeks. With a complete year going by, social media marketing is celebrating what they call among the best Verzuz battles to ever happen.

This past year, The Lox and Dipset had Madison Square Gardens Hulu Theater packed wall-to-wall, as fans from around arrived to see two of hip-hops most iconic groups placed on for NEW YORK.

Now yall know, by the end of each battle, people will have their preference on who they think walked away with the winning title. However, in line with the reactions from the year ago, and also even today, many fans continue steadily to crown The Lox because the winners of this historic night.

Its was today this past year that Jadakiss and the LOX hit the Thanos snap on Dipset during Verzuz.

Malcolm From The North (@MFTNBeats) August 3, 2022

Happy 12 months Anniversary to arguably the best & most Iconic whipping in HIPHOP history, The Lox vs Dipset, got these niggas scared ahead outside #VERZUZ

Madd Slander (@madd_slander) August 3, 2022

The Lox Vs Dipset was clearly the very best Verzuz & was discussed WAY longer compared to the others. Other artists even tried to shit talk opponents like them afterwards, but failed miserably

Jay In 88 (@Jayin1988) August 3, 2022

12 months ago today The LOX & Dipset Verzuz occurred at Madison Square Garden in NEW YORK.

According 2 HIPHOP (@A2HHTheGame) August 3, 2022

From then on night, The Lox spoke with GQ Magazine concerning the battle, so when asked why did they think their battle was probably the most discussed battles, Styles P said,

I really believe it was the power, where both groups result from, what we represent, so when we arrived to the overall game. Were from exactly the same era, but we represent two various things. It had been a battle for the town and nobodys been outside for a meeting. Then its at Madison Square Garden, for all your chips. To state something is for the title of NY, and have athletes along with other artists chime in onto it. Teenagers started doing their homework and looking things up.

Sheek Louch also said,

There have been so many components to it, from the lead-up, to StylesandJim going at everything crazywhich was mad entertaining as you didnt know if one of these would snap. Even me and Kiss standing there not saying anythingWhats on the minds? Where are they at with it?and both groups are NY, 100 percent.

Another classic moment that has been a result because of the battle was Fat Joes commentary as he reviewed the battle on his Instagram.

Roommates, that which was your preferred moment out of this memorable battle?

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