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Solar storm captured in spellbinding photos extracted from the ISS

The International Space Station comes with an incredible view of our world. Actually, the view is indeed good that you could even see when solar storms leave behind aurora borealisthe northern lights. A recently available group of aurora photos from the ISS surfaced on Twitter. Since it works out, the view of aurora borealis is simply as mesmerizing from space.

New aurora photos from the ISS provide a new perspective to the northern lights

The spectacular light show was generated following a powerful but moderate solar storm hit Earths magnetic field earlier this week. The images were captured aboard the International Space Station within a time-lapse which may be released at another time. For the present time, though, we at the very least have several aurora photos from the ISS to tide us over.

Astronaut Bob Hines shared the stills on Twitter, writing, Absolutely spectacular aurora today!!! Hines included four different images, giving a lovely view of the way the auroras look from space. This, needless to say, isnt the 1st time weve captured images of the northern lights from the ISS. And we might see more images such as this shared because the Suns activity ramps up.

astronauts can capture aurora photos from the ISS
The International Space Stations orbit gives it a lovely and unique view of auroras. Image source: dimazel / Adobe reports that the storm that generated the aurora the ISS recorded was probably a G2 moderate storm. The aurora photos from the ISS were taken on Wednesday, August 17, shortly before Hines shared them on Twitter. WHEN I noted above, the images are section of a more substantial time-lapse that has been repaid to Ground Control. Well see more videos later on.

Because the Suns cycle progresses towards the peak of its activity, well likely see more solar eruptions and storms hitting Earths magnetic field. These storms could cause minor to major blackouts of the energy grid, satnav systems, and more. There is also the potential to generate beautiful aurora borealis, a few of which might even reach as far south because the northern USA.

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