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SOME TIPS ABOUT WHAT We Learned From THE MOST RECENT Google Pixel Tablet Leak

After years of neglect, 2021 saw Google take several making life better for Android tablet enthusiasts. Things began with the announcement of Android 12L in October 2021 a particular Android version made to address the requirements of products with unconventional display formats. On the list of devices that could eventually run Android 12L include tablets, foldable smartphones, and large screened devices running the smartphone operating-system. Following multiple beta releases in March 2022 Google began rolling out the stable version of Android 12L (called Android 12.1 in the ultimate version) for large screened devices.

Interestingly, even before Google confirmed Android 12L, there were rumors concerning the software giant focusing on a Pixel-branded Android tablet. Finally, in-may 2022, at Google I/O, Google confirmed the existence of the tablet after it made a short appearance in Google’s Pixel portfolio video. However, the video revealed precious nothing concerning the tablet when it comes to specs. What it did showcase, however, was the rather uninspiring design that could have trouble taking a stand to the aesthetics of its chief competitor Apple’s iPad. This official “leak” in-may was accompanied by a number of minor revelations that gave us a synopsis of what things to expect from the Pixel Tablet.

In the newest leak surrounding the Pixel Tablet, a developer named Kuba Wojciechowski revealed that the Pixel Tablet has entered an essential phase of its development called the EVT phase. He also revealed several hitherto unknown hardware specs of these devices.

Display size, and storage capacity of the Google Pixel Tablet revealed

Unnamed tablet showcasing the Pixel 6 Pro.


In accordance with Kuba Wojciechowski, the Google Pixel Tablet has entered a significant phase in its developmental journey called the EVT phase. Short for Engineering Validation Test, the EVT phase is normally preceded by the prototype phase, that involves the company checking out several design and software variations. By enough time something reaches the EVT phase, the business has nearly finalized the look. The main element objective of the phase would be to check how well the ultimate design stands up to the rigors of normal usage. Within this, Google will put the Pixel Tablet through multiple tests to guarantee the product is preparing to move to the ultimate production phase. Wojciechowski also confirms that some Google Pixel Tablet units have already been shipped to India for EVT validation indicating that it’ll be the large choice of countries where in fact the product would continue sale.

Along with revealing the existing development status of the Pixel Tablet, Wojciechowski also revealed a few of the device’s rumored specs. He claims that the Pixel Tablet could possibly be offered in 128GB and 256GB variants and can also include a 10.95-inch display. While there is no reference to crucial areas of the display, like the display type and resolution, the report does state the chance of it obtaining a USI 2.0 stylus. All of those other top features of the Google Pixel Tablet continue steadily to remain shrouded in mystery. However, with a well planned 2023 release, there’s still a while for additional information on the merchandise to leak.

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